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ipad 10.5

  1. R

    Equivalent Smart Case for 10.5 iPad Pro

    I’ve spent a bit of time lurking around the various threads looking for advice, to no avail. IMHO, the best iPad case made was the leather smart case (in my case for an iPad Air 2). Obviously Apple doesn’t sell anymore, and I’m looking for one for an iPad Pro 10.5. Microfiber lined, leather...
  2. S

    iPad Pro Any good case for iPad Pro 10.5” with Magic Keyboard?

    Hello, I have tried the following so far and have landed on the best choice for the iPad Pro 10.5”: 1) Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro 10.5” Pros: Good hard shell, plastic but feels good quality, backlit keys, keyboard key travel is just great, holder for Apple Pencil Cons: Adds a lot of...
  3. EdUniverse

    Does the screen of the iPad Pro 10.5 blend in to the space grey bezels?

    I’m planning on getting an iPad Pro soon, but I can’t decide on the colour. Now, I don’t mean as much as the Apple Watch or iPhone X, but does it blend in as much as the space grey iPhone 8 or something? I don’t mean when it’s on, because I know it’s not OLED, but when it’s off. Im simply...
  4. ajjapple

    Problems with syncing iPhone and iPad contacts

    This has been bugging me for a while. For reasons I can’t explain my contacts on my iPhone and iPad haven’t synced for about 6 months, in this time I’ve had both a new iPad (pro) and a new iPhone. Both show the same discrepancies. My iCloud is switched to on and to both devices, ive deleted the...
  5. M

    How to maximize a floating app

    Hi, i have updated my ipad 10.5 to iOS 11. When a app is open in full screen and another app is floating, how can i maximize the floating app to use it in fullscreen? I couldn't find it out. thanks in advance.
  6. G

    iPad Pro Wifi login page

    so i live in a rented room near my campus. The wifi here needs the user to enter their account to use the wifi. Similar to hotel's wifi or mall's wifi. The problem is, i can't open the login page. I tried accessing the router's address but it won't work. I can connect using my android phone and...
  7. D

    There is a place to hold the pencil!

    I've seen much frustration over where to keep the pencil and why there isn't a magnetic hold like the Surface Pro. Today I found out there is... sort of. You need to have the ASK for the trick to work, but I presume it's valid for the Smart Cover as well. First time I discovered this was during...
  8. B

    Recently Deleted Apps at 73% battery usage?

    hi guys! I'm using an iPad Pro 10.5 and I just wanted to know what this means? What is weird is that I haven't deleted any apps? Is this a bug or is something wrong with my battery? Thank you for the answer! :D
  9. S

    iPad Pro Desktop setup

    Ive been reading threads of people replacing their laptops with iPad Pros and it being pretty successful at doing so. Has anyone tried a desktop setup for the iPad? I love being mobile with my 10.5 iPad Pro but sometimes I find the need to sit at the desk and work to really be productive. At the...
  10. Jervasio

    Ipad pro + Apple pencil transport

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking about buying something to carry the apple pencil but there's one problem which I am considering: How the apple pencil activates the connection with the ipad. Basically I'm thinking if I should buy a case with attachment for Apple pencil/Iman that attaches to a case...
  11. R

    iPad Pro Best Way to Transfer Camera Pictures to 10.5 Pro

    What would be the quickest way to transfer photos to from my Sony NEX5 (micro USB output and SD card format) to my shiny new ipad pro 10.5 for editing? The Lightning to SD card reader or The Lightning to USB3 Camera Adaptor I know the 10.5 PRO supports USB 3 speeds and I also know my NEX5...
  12. SammyNad

    iPad Note app with templates & layers?

    I'm looking for a note taking app with templates & layers. This way, I can use the graphs or dot matrix to keep my writing legible, but then remove the graph/dot/lines, and have my writing appear on a blank page, without graph, lines, etc. Hope that makes sense. Anything like this exists?
  13. C

    iPad Pro Great deals on new iPad pros at BestBuy - Open-box

    So just because I was bored today I visited bestbuy's website and wanted to view their open box inventory. They have "excellent condition" 10.5 and 12.9" iPads available to ship for like $100 off MSRP (if I remember correctly). This is a great deal if you are trying to save some cash but still...
  14. T

    Any iPad apps that support 120 hz yet?

    Can't seem to find out, if there are any third-party-apps that take full advantage of the 120hz display on the iPad Pro? Of course the Apple apps do, like the Maps app etc... But I would love to game at 120 FPS, wouldn't you?
  15. Smb1913

    Upgrade Purchase Advice

    I'm a engineering student currently looking to upgrade from my worn out, late 2011 MacBook Pro. I love the idea of using a 10.5 iPad Pro as my primary portable device for note taking, light productivity, email, web browsing and other basic tasks. However, I would still require a macOS machine...
  16. seme332

    Getting my first iPad, need help on cases/covers

    Hey there everybody! After 7 years of holding off on an iPad (I was one of the people in the beginning that called the iPad a more expensive iPod Touch) I am finally getting my own soon! I have placed an order for the 10.5" iPad Pro, 256GB WiFi + Cellular. Now I have a problem: What case/cover...
  17. Statusnone88

    iPad Pro 10.5 Running iOS 11 Beta 1 App Store In Chinese

    Greetings Friends, Before anyone says the obvious, yes, I understand this is a beta. I am a registered developer and I decided to put iOS 11 on my new iPad. This morning, out of no where, my App Store is in Chinese. I went into the Settings > App Store > Country & Region and changed it back to...
  18. F

    iPad Pro 10.5 or 12.9 for academic use ?!?

    Hi guys. On the fence about pulling the trigger for the new 10.5 or 12.9. They really triggered me :-) !!! I'm kind of fully equipped (iMac at work & home (older models but OK), rMB for work on the go, iPad Air 1 for couching) but I really fancy the new iPPs as I always wanted to have the Apple...
  19. S

    iPad Pro Problem with Google Streets in iPad 10.5

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing issues with Google Streets on the new iPad 10.5? When I try to go into Street View from the Google Maps app, there's a delay of between 5-15 seconds for the street view to display (displays an off white background until the image loads). I'm not seeing this...
  20. J

    my screen goes from cool tone to warm tone across the screen (blue to pink)

    so i picked up 10.5 ipp lte 256gb silver and when its put in a portrait mode, home button to my right, seems like my screen goes from blue to pink..more cool tone to warmer tone. now i cant unsee it! everything else seems to be perfect other than that. im afraid if i exchange it i might get...