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ipad 10.5

  1. S

    Should I wait for the fall

    I have an older iPad and will eventually buy the 10.5 inch. Any harm in buying it now with the current IOS and then in fall when version 11 comes out do the IOS update OR wait till when the 10.5 comes preinstalled with IOS 11 ? Thx
  2. J

    ipad pro 10.5 256gb wifi+lte or 512gb wifi?

    hello guys, i just bought my 10.5 inch ipad pro 256gb wifi+lte but im thinking maybe i should exchange for 512 wifi no way in a situation to spend another $200, plus i do not want to lol. i never used lte ipad before and is it a must? i only got it this time around because i have...
  3. Jervasio

    iPad return in a different country

    Hey, I just bought the new iPad 10.5 256Gb Space Gray directly from Apple, however I'm in Portugal and a member of my family living in the US is going to bring it to me (pickup in store option). She doesn't understand much of technology so I would like to ask you, if I face any problems with...
  4. faythebest

    iPad Pro 10.5 available for pickup in Toronto

    Just purchased the new iPad Pro 10.5 from and ready for pick up in Toronto store. Good luck.