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iphone 6

  1. calebrrf

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone not showing up in Find my iPhone

    Recently my phone was stolen while getting repaired at a shop and they are replacing it with a brand new one. I'm trying to use find my iphone on my windows laptop to put the phone in lost mode or reset it, but it is not showing up in there. Can anyone tell me why? I would post about this on the...
  2. H

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Replacing battery at Apple Store, iOS 10.3

    Hi there, At sometime in the summer, I'm thinking of having Apple replace the battery on my iPhone 6. Does anyone know if Apple will automatically update the OS to the most current version (i.e. 11.x) during the replacement process? I'm really enjoying my iPhone 6 on 10.3 (with battery wear...
  3. S

    iPhone 6 motherboard replaced, is it at risk?

    hello, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to iPhones. My iPhone 6 got wet and 20 minutes later it shut off. I took it to a shop where they took it apart and dried all the pieces. They said the motherboard was broken and needed to be replaced. 24 hours later I went to pick it up and they said...
  4. 1

    Help with iPhone 6 and iOS11

    Hey guys I have a couple iPhone 6's that are still running iOS8.2 I want to upgrade them to 10.3.3 because i've heard bad things about the older iPhones running ios11. But apparently this is no longer possible now that apple has stopped signing the 10.3.3 firmware. Is there a viable solution...
  5. A

    iPhone Apple DOES Slow Down Older iPhones [MERGED]

    I've been using the iOS 11 betas since the first one, and immediately updating when a newer one is released. My iPhone 6 was slow on the first one, but the third beta showed iOS 10-like performance. Now, I had amazing performance and battery life on the last beta (the one before the GM)...
  6. jelloshotsrule

    iphone 6 painfully slow messages, etc

    so about a week ago my iphone 6 became dog slow sending messages. like it'll take ~1-4 minutes for a message to send. whereas with my macbook pro messages are sending immediately like usual. i've confirmed it happens sending to various people, not just one message thread. i've also had my phone...
  7. R

    Other Audio Glitching - iPhone X,7+, 6S+,6+

    Hi there, Since iOS 9, I have been experiencing strange audio glitching while listening to music in the background and playing games in the foreground with in-game sounds off. I play ingress a lot. And I have had numerous iPhones. All seem to lack the ability to play music and game at the...
  8. bashman2020

    iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone 6 & 6Plus

    This is an overall review of how iPhone 6 & 6+ devices running on iOS 11.1.2 Steps to post in this thread -Give an overall account -State the battery life -State the speed and performance noted -State the bugs & lags noted if any -Make a screen recording of daily usage & experience...
  9. VincentG

    Problem with transfers data from old iPhone

    Hi, Trying to transfer data from an iPhone 4 to a 6, for a friend. The problem, not all data transferred. Some agenda items and some contacts from what I can see. Made a backup on my Mac, then restore on new iPhone. For the agenda I strongly believe that some are not with link to the main...
  10. Crank_47

    iPhone IOS 11 and Iphone 6 problem(slowly)

    Hi guys, i have a iphone 6 and now i have so many problem since upgrade from 10.3.3 to ios 11. Always if i use the phone from the standby then it don't run good. or if i switch the screen to the left or right side then it very slow (hooked) I have already reset the phone and install new ios...
  11. bashman2020

    iPhone Apple still signing iOS 10.3.3

    why’s apple still signing 10.3.3 for iphone 6s and not iphone 6 that’s pretty unfair and being biased
  12. bashman2020

    iPhone iOS 11 (Apple is playing tricks on us & we don't know it

    Has anyone ever pondered why Apple today in its most recent iOS update which is iOS 11 has removed most of the uniqueness that was superior to iOS ? Right from its creation features like slide to unlock which made it easy to unlock your iOS device with just a power button slide to unlock and...
  13. M

    iPhone Airplay not working since iOS 11.0.2

    For a long time I've used my iPhone 6 to play media on my Apple TV 3 with AirPlay. Since upgrading to iOS 11.0.2 I am experiencing consistent AirPlay drop-outs which is very frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone have any tips to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  14. B

    Lost data in iOS 11 upgrade

    A couple years ago, I downloaded a file locker app that I used to store important information on my phone. The app has since been removed from the App Store, and being my stupid self I kept procrastinating finding a new app to use despite the warnings that this app would not work with iOS 11. My...
  15. D

    Safari stopped working after update. iPhone 6..

    I just updated to iOS 11 and safari has stopped working on my iPhone 6... I’ve turned my phone on/off a few times and closed/reopened the app multiple times but I’m just getting the same blankish screen. I’m posting this from Chrome. But if anyone’s ever had a slowish iPhone before you’ll know...
  16. Hezzerlah

    6 to 8+ or X???

    I've had the 4, 5, 6 and skipped the 7 last year because of the rumors that the 10th anniversary phone would be amazing. So now I'm torn. 8+ or X. My 6 is starting to limp a bit. Battery is decreasing. Getting glitchier. Anyone else upgrading from a 6?
  17. P

    Am I misusing my iPhone and thus causing the problem?

    Hi! I bought iPhone 6 in July 2015, which was perfectly working for a year. In July 2016, a week after the warranty expired, the battery started dropping like crazy, it would last for maybe four hours. I went to get it repaired however, they found out it was not the battery but defective...
  18. K

    Which Iphone is the best till date?

    I have used many iphones and all had the same issue i.e battery isseue. Had to keep a charger handy to boost the phone's battery life. My choice is Iphone 6 .. What is yours ?
  19. Bob Parker

    Carrier "Searching..." on my Sprint iPhone 6 (PLEASE HELP)

    I have been on vacation to Europe for 5 weeks, and I have just returned. Before the vacation, I turned my cellular data off, because I wasn't looking to bust the bank in order to use my phone. Throughout the vacation, my phone always said "Searching..." at the top left. As soon as I arrived at...
  20. wmoore55

    iOS & iTunes update issue iPhone 6

    Hi I have an iPhone 6. I am trying to update it to iOS 10.3.2. I cannot upgrade via wifi. I followed the instructions on Apples website, and tried to sync via iTunes on my PC. I have iTunes updated on my PC, but it tells me that the device (iPhone) doesn't have the latest version of iTunes, so...