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Feb 7, 2002
so about a week ago my iphone 6 became dog slow sending messages. like it'll take ~1-4 minutes for a message to send. whereas with my macbook pro messages are sending immediately like usual. i've confirmed it happens sending to various people, not just one message thread. i've also had my phone become even slower and worse in general since ios 11, but the messages thing is really unbearable. so far, i've backed up, then restored from that back up and it didn't help anything (and now i'm waiting for dozens of apps to load...).

any thoughts on the messages or an approach in general? i suppose i could do a clean restore but am worried about what app settings and progress i'll lose if i do that. i'm open to suggestions. thanks!

Reno Raines

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Jul 19, 2015
Who is your carrier? Are you up to date on the latest iOS? Also check to see if you have any carrier updates pending. Go to settings, general, about, and you should see if a carrier update is pending for you. This has helped me in the past with similar issues.
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