1. Camicia

    MacBookPro 11.3 doesn't start unless power is pushed for ~8 secs,kernel_task high CPU, fresh install

    Hi, I am pretty sure this is not a new problem. I hope that somebody has seen it before and hopefully they have some recommendations. What can I try next? The problem: In order to start my MacBookPro Retina( 11,3 - Late 2013 ) I need to keep the power button until the chime sound is...
  2. R

    I cannot charge my Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2017 without kernel_task running at %1600

    This is my second Touchbar Macbook Pro, the first one, saw the DELETE button break within weeks ,worst edge bleed I've ever seen and an right speaker that exploded within when i plugged out the charger. Obviously returned it and got my money back because I felt like these computers where broken...
  3. imrazor

    After 10.13.4 update, kernel_task spiking to 170% CPU

    This happens when doing relatively minor tasks like watching videos, but also when doing more stressful activities like playing games. This is on a Retina Macbook Pro 13" from 2012. It does settle back down when there is no other programs running (except Activity Monitor.) This happened...
  4. G

    memory rapidly reducing and copy paste problem since using ditto command in terminal

    hi, I used sudo ditto command in terminal to copy a folder. I saw that nothing was being copied in the paths I chose and I quit terminal while it was still doing the ditto... I didn't know how to terminate the command itself. ever since my memory is rapidly lowering. for example it is 15.46 gb...
  5. S

    FPS drop and WindowServer + Kernel_task High CPU

    So this started to happen since I installed High Sierra and I can't figure it out what might be causing it. I'm hoping someone here can guide me where to look for. I'm getting huge FPS drops on moving windows around, applications behave like crap, wired mouse starts to lag. This is a recording...
  6. S

    High Sierra kernel_task and WindowServer usage

    Since I've upgraded to Bug Sierra these two processes are always eating up my CPU and I can notice drop in frames when dragging windows around the screen. Of course, performance also takes a hit and doing tasks in various applications take 1-2 second longer. Main applications I use are Safari...
  7. S

    high kernel task, upto 300%

    Hello everyone, I am having some issues with my MBA for past couple of months. Problem is high kernel task upto 300% with high fan speed (audible while working). Sometimes it gets fixed automatically. When I normally shutdown my mac, it gets started automatically. Unable to boot in safe mode...
  8. D

    Can I delete useless.kext files?

    I was recently having some problems with Kernel_Task eating up huge chunks of my CPU cycles, and stopped off here looking for a solution. A very recommended solution I found was to delete some .plist files with my Mac's identifying number on them. As I wove my way through the file system...
  9. J@ckPhl@ck

    iMac mouse freezing

    I am a tech at an elementary school, and we have one particular lab of iMacs that are running into this problem. Occasionally, on almost all of the 30 computers in the lab, the mouse will become jumpy. It freezes for a second or so then picks back up. At first I thought it might have been...
  10. T

    kernel_task process disk usage is too high?!!

    Hi all, I've recently realized that the kernel_task process (I don't know what it is) is having huge numbers in disk usage, over 10 gigs of bytes written! The question is: What is this? Is that bad? And how to fix? Thank you,
  11. C

    Macbook pro problems, really slow, non working display

    My macbook pro (mid 2012) stopped working a few weeks ago after 2 days of it being really slow. I unplugged the internal battery, and kept resetting the smc and nvram until i finally got it to turn on. The display however did not work, and the fans were running at full speed. I eventually...
  12. Reality4711

    Kernel & Root

    What is 'kernel_task' in activity monitor? Why does it appear many times sometimes and hardly ever others? Regards Sharkey
  13. Aeparker

    How Stable is it?

    I'm am debating on installing the Mac OS Sierra public beta. All the new features look great. I held off on installing it because I didn't want to deal with bugs. This is the 7th update. How stable is it? I have a early 2015 iMac. I am a photographer, so I need my all of my Adobe software to...
  14. T

    Macbook Pro restarted because of a problem

    It has been happening for quite some times and usually restarts whenever I am watching a show on dailymotion especially. It is getting frustrating as my warranty has also expired :( Am hoping to get some help here! Mac Details: Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) Processor 2.6GHz Intel...
  15. J

    Kernel Panic! Could it be my Hard Drive. Please Help!!

    I got a Brand New Retina iMac 27 inch with a Fusion Drive. Yesterday as I was working the machine restarted and went into a panic loop. it loads until half way the loading bar with the apple logo and it goes into a message that reads "Your computer restarted because of a problem" I tried all...
  16. suicidejesus666

    kernel_task using more than 400% of my cpu; making the macbook unusable

    Hello there everyone I've been having this issue for a long time now (few months) and it's with my MacBookPro late 2013 15-inch, specs: Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB + NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Storage: 500 GB SSD OS: El Capitan...