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mac book pro

  1. freelancing

    Anyone else have their screen randomly flicker on the new 16" MBP?

    I've had my 16" MBP M2 Max 96GB RAM / 8TB drive for about a month. Yes, I maxed the ever-lovin' crap out of it because it's my first new Mac since 2005. :p The screen will occasionally and seemingly randomly flicker. It doesn't seem to do this consistently enough to tell what is causing it. I...
  2. G

    Macbook Pro M1 lagging while editing movie. What are my options?

    I'm super disappointed with my M1. I purchased with 512 gb and 16gm ram. My main goal is video editing and some graphic design (nothing super demanding). Even if my videos are simple from clips, the processor lags while working in IMOVIE. And that's on a clean fresh mac with nothing installed...
  3. R

    contacts in a specific group chat went missing in Messages thread on Macbook

    Greetings, I have two people, including myself, on a group thread in the Messages app and going back at least one year of correspondence. Suddenly I cannot send messages on this thread because the two contacts are missing from the "TO:" header on my Mac. I subsequently sent a "test" message...
  4. B

    Please help me buy the right Dock for my new MBP M1

    Hi guys, I'm getting a new mac book pro M1 32Go that I'll need to move for professionnal purpose. I definitely need a dock but there are so many, I feel a little bit lost. More, from my experience, it's hard to make the right choice just by reading specs, as to me, the most important criteria...
  5. M

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) Won’t turn on.

    Hi everyone. I am trying to troubleshoot my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). I’ve had this laptop since 2016 and it just won’t turn on. I’ve tried all of the keyboard reset prompts (NVRAM and SMC). I’ve unscrewed the back panel, unplugged and replugged the battery connector, pulled...
  6. jumpcutking

    Speculation: M1X/Mac Book Pro/Mac Mini Pro… Prices?

    Let’s speculate! How much would the new M1X devices be? Just curious, with 64g of ram an options… how much do you think apple will charge for the upcoming release?
  7. jumpcutking

    Eta on 32g of Ram for M1/M2? When can we expect the new Mac Book Pro 16’?

    As a media guy, I’m looking to update to the latest innovation but I’m waiting for the M1/M2 chip to get 32g of ram support (or more). I’ll be fine with the current version if we could get a 16’ Mac Book Pro. Anyone anywhere got an idea when that might happen? WWDC? Fall? Anyone heard any...
  8. jumpcutking

    Help me: Terminal says: galaxy-note10??? on my MacBook Pro

    I'm a developer and a producer... sometimes I need to install applications and such to use for that purpose but I'm smart enough to know what not to download, check my sources, and when in doubt verify it is what it says it is. This morning my terminal should me this (my username is thanos...
  9. T

    Macbook Pro 16" Which Processor 2.3 or 2.4 i9?

    Which one would you get? I read somewhere the 2.3 is better then the 2.4 sometimes. I this true? 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 (On‑Board) 1 TB SSD Radeon Pro 5500M, 8 GB GDDR6 Not sure on the Processor though..
  10. D

    Resolved Got my laptop (mac book pro 15“ 2017) fan repaired but I think I may have been scammed

    Upon recieving it back I had to pay 50£ for the repair which seemed to be a good price. However I did not receive a receipt and I was told I could only pay cash (obviously a sketchy operation). Then later, upon closer examination, I noticed that my laptop had been set to a completely different...
  11. O

    MBP random shutdowns after update to 10.14.6

    MBP random shutdowns after update to 10.14.6, I used the workaround I found on here to disable thunderbolt 2 by adding .BAK to the kext file. Now it isn't allowed so I have to carry around an external drive plugged into the thunderbolt 2 port.
  12. mycrookedcreek

    Safari 12.1 Deleting Extensions Nearly Everyday

    I've been having trouble with Safari - almost everyday I open my computer Safari has removed my extensions. Reinstalling them is getting tedious (going to ~Library/Safari/Extensions doesn't work - they are still there, but if I double click I'm sent to download them again from the Safari...
  13. S

    Cannot find Partition on Hard Drive

    The logic board on my Mac Book Pro is bad. I can occasionally get it to work for ~5 minutes at a time. I need my files so I removed the hard drive and hooked it up to a Windows PC (I do not have another Mac). Using HFSExplorer, I was able to see the drive and a few partitions. However, I am not...
  14. S

    Some advice on a mac book pro and external ssd for lower price

    Hi, I currently have a mid 2012 13inch mac book pro, 2.5ghx core i5, 16gb (upgraded from 8gb) and 750GB hard drive internal. When I bought this it was around £1300, many years ago. Id like to buy a new laptop, I mainly do game development so I need something with some punch but I'm so out of...
  15. yemoja

    Some questions about logic board and thermal paste - MBP 13" A1278 i5

    Hello, this is my firt time opened any/my mbp, am not expert, just curious and have some questions about the logic board and thermal paste. The model I was checking the tutorial from ifixit and cant find information about those components on circle symbols. Heat sink tutorial say only about...
  16. N

    macbook pro late 2013 for music production??

    I have the chance to buy a MacBook Pro retina 15,4", late 2013, with 256gb SSd, intel core i7 2ghz, 16gb ram for 1150 Eur. Is this a good deal!!!????!! How long will it last? It´ll be used for music production. Thanx!
  17. E

    CMD+C plays sound effect

    Hi, yesterday I copied some files between my NAS and my mbp mid 14 (macos 10.12.2) when I recognized that my mbp everytime makes a sound effect when I press cmd+c. I have no idea why the sound is playing when press cmd+c to copy a file or text etc. Today I installed a backup and first...
  18. At_Op45

    Gaming on MacBook Pro

    Hi there. I want to know how I can better set up my MacBook Pro for some light Steam gaming. Beyond installing an SSD and more RAM, in addition to bootcamp Windows 10, are there any other changes I can make to my system for the best quality gaming? Thanks. Specs: MacBook Pro (13", Mid 2012)...
  19. LuluIB

    Need help with crash

    Hi there. 2 days ago my 2012 MacBook Pro crashed and I've Had to do a start up recovery because my mac kept crashing when it was starting. Before it crashed, it froze and I had to press the restart button. Is like to know what the error message was as shown attached. I play a multi player game...
  20. roroland

    Connect other devices disconnect thunderbolt port

    Hi, I have an odd issue with my macbook pro 2016 with OS Sierra, please bear with me I will try to explain the problem as brief as possible. I use an Allen & Heath ZED-R16 multitrack audio mixer connected via thunderbolt (In fact the device is a firewire 800 device and I use an adapter to...