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    Feb 1, 2015
    I'm interested to see other's collections, and to see if anyone is as obsessed as I am. My collection is below.

    MacBook Pro (10,1)
    MacBook Pro (9,2)
    MacBook (1,1 White)
    MacBook Pro (17" 2006)
    iBook (2,2 Bondi-Blue)
    iBook (4,1)
    iBook (4,1 Late 2001)
    iMac (4,5)
    iMac (2,1 Grape)
    iMac (4,1)
    Mac Pro (1,1)
    Power Mac G4 (3,6)
    Mac mini (10,2)
    PowerBook 1400cs
    PowerBook 1400cs
    eMac (6,4)
    PowerMac G5
    PowerMac G5
    MacBook Pro (15” 2006)
    PowerMac G4
    PowerMac G4
    Power Macintosh G3 (510)
    Power Macintosh 9600
    Power Mac G4 Cube
    iMac G4
    iMac (2006)
    Power Mac G4
    iBook G4
    iBook G4
    iBook Clamshell (Gray)
    PowerBook G3 (Bronze Keyboard)
    PowerBook G4 (15”)
    PowerBook G4 Titanium
    PowerBook G4 Titanium
    Macintosh Classic
    Macintosh Classic
    Macintosh Classic II
    Mac mini
    Mac mini
    iMac G3 (Blue)

    iPod Touch 2nd Generation (8GB)
    iPod Touch 2nd Generation (8GB)
    iPod Touch 5th Generation (32GB Space Grey)
    iPod Touch 6th Generation (128GB Gold)
    iPod Nano (A1199 Pink 4GB)
    iPod Nano (A1199 Product Red 4GB)
    iPod Nano (A1236 Silver 4GB)
    iPod Shuffle (A1271 2GB Black)
    iPod Shuffle (A1373 Green)
    HomePod (White)

    iPhone 3G (8GB Black)
    iPhone 3GS (16GB Black)
    iPhone 4S (16GB White)
    iPhone 6S (64GB Gold)
    iPhone X (256GB White)

    iPad Air 2 (64GB Gold WiFi)
    iPad 4th Generation (32GB WiFi + Cellular)

    Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver (Original)

    Apple TV (4th Generation 64GB)

    Color StyleWriter 2200
    Color StyleWriter 2500

    Cinema HD Display (23”)
    Cinema Display (20”)
    Cinema Display (20”)

    QuickTake 150

    Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse
    Magic Mouse
    Pro Mouse
    Pro Keyboard
    Keyboard (A1048)
    Keyboard (A1048)
    Wireless Keyboard (A1016)
    Wireless Keyboard (A1255)
    Wireless Keyboard (A1255)
    Keyboard + Mouse
    Remote (A1156)
    Remote (A1294)
    USB Mouse (M4848 Grape)
    USB Keyboard (M2452 Grape)
    AirPort Extreme (A1521)
    AirPort Extreme (A1521)
    AirPort Extreme
    AirPort Extreme
    AirPort Extreme
    AirPort Extreme
    AirPort Extreme
    AirPort Extreme
    Pro Speakers
    Pro Speakers
    USB SuperDrive
    Universal Dock
    Universal Dock
    iPad Dock
    iPad Dock
    World Power Adapter Set
    Nike + iPod Sensor Kit
    Nike + iPod Sensor Kit
    Nike + iPod Sensor Kit
    Nike + iPod Sensor Kit
    Nike + iPod Sensor Kit
    iPad mini 4 Smart Cover (Red)
    iPad mini 4 Smart Cover (Red)
    iPad 4 Smart Cover (Grey)
    iPad 4 Smart Cover (Tan)
    iPad 4 Smart Cover (Pink)
    iPad Air 2 Smart Cover (Navy)
    iPad Air 2 Smart Case (Black)
    iPad Air 2 Smart Leather Case (Red)
    iPad 3 Smart Leather Case (Grey)
    iPad 4 Smart Case (Grey)
    iPhone 6S Leather Case (Saddle)
    iPhone X Leather Case (Saddle)
    iPhone 6S Leather Case (Black)
    iPhone 6S Silicone Case (Black)
    iPhone 7 Silicone Case (Black)
    iPhone 7 Plus Silicone Case (Black)
    Watch Band Sport (Navy)
    Watch Band Sport (White)
    Watch Band Milanese Loop (Silver)
    Watch Band Woven Nylon (Blue and White)
    Macintosh Keyboard
    Macintosh Keyboard
    Macintosh Mouse
    Macintosh Mouse
    Apple Pro Speakers

    Mac OS 8 Install Disc Set
    iWork ’08
    Mac OS X Puma
    Mac OS 9
    Mac OS X
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    Apr 22, 2014
    Central New Jersey/ North Virginia, USA
    While I don't have my accessories detailed, I do I have lists of all my hardware...

    Computer Collection List:

    (Sorry, theres PCs mixed in to this list, so just ignore those LOL)

    (Chronological Order)
    1. Dell Desktop (Dimension XPS T500)
    2. Dell Laptop (Latitude LM)
    3. MacBook Pro (13in, Late 2011, 2.4GHz i5)
    4. Dell Desktop (Dimension 4700)
    5. HP Desktop (Pavilion 500-c60)
    6. Dell Desktop (Optiplex 360)
    7. PowerMac G5 (Dual 2.3GHz)
    8. PowerMac 6100/66
    9. iBook G4 12in (1.33GHz)
    10. Macintosh 512ke (SCSI Interface and 2MB RAM upgrades)
    11. eMac (700MHz)
    12. PowerMac G4 (MDD, Dual 1.25GHz)
    13. PowerBook G3 (PDQ, 266MHz)
    14. PowerMac 7300 (Sonnet Crescendo G3)
    15. Performa 6360 (Sonnet Crescendo G3)
    16. eMac (1.25GHz)
    17. Dell Laptop (Latitude E6410)
    18. MacBook (Early 08 upgraded to Early 09)
    19. Dell Desktop (Optiplex 380)
    20. PowerBook G4 12in (1.5GHz)
    21. PowerBook G4 15in (1.25GHz) DEAD
    22. PowerBook G4 17in (1.33GHz)
    23. Dell Desktop (Dimension 4100)
    24. IBM Laptop (ThinkPad T43)
    25. iMac (17in, Early 06, 1.83GHz Core Duo upgraded to 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo)
    26. Dell Desktop (Optiplex 360)
    27. Custom PC (AMD FX6300)
    28. PowerBook G4 Titanium (1GHz)
    29. PowerMac G4 Cube (450MHz)
    30. Power Macintosh G3 (266MHz, Beige, Rev A)
    31. Power Macintosh 8500 (400MHz Sonnet G4)
    32. iBook G3 (Snow, 12in, 600MHz)
    33. Lenovo Laptop (ThinkPad T61)
    34. Mac Mini (Early 06, 1.66GHz Core Duo upgraded to X.YZGHZ Core 2 Duo) DEAD
    35. iMac (24in, Late 06, 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo)
    36. PowerBook G4 15in (DLSD, 1.67GHz)
    37. Dell laptop (Inspiron 1520)
    38. OpenEye DVR (X-Series HDDR)
    39. HP Laptop (G60-535DX)
    40. Mac Mini (G4, 1.42GHz)
    41. HP Desktop (HP Compaq Pro 6000 SFF)
    42. PowerMac G4 (QuickSilver 2002ED, 1.6GHz Sonnet G4)
    43. iBook G3 Clamshell (Tangerine, 300MHz)
    44. iBook G3 Clamshell (Tangerine, 300MHz)
    45. Dell SFF Desktop (Optiplex 755)
    46. Dell Desktop (Vostro 200)
    47. Dell Desktop (Optiplex GX100)
    48. Mac Pro (2006, dual 2.66GHz Dual Core Xeon upgraded to dual 2.66GHz Quad Core Xeon and 2,1 Firmware)
    49. Macintosh SE
    50. PowerBook Duo 210 (25MHz Motorola 68030)
    51. PowerBook 5300c
    52. PowerBook G3 (Lombard, 333MHz)
    53. HP Desktop (HP Compaq Pro 6000 SFF)
    54. MacBook Pro (15in, Mid 2012, 2.7GHz i7, High-Resolution Anti-Glare display)
    55. iBook G3 Clamshell (Blueberry, 300MHz)
    56. PowerBook G4 15in (SLSD, 1.67GHz)
    57. iMac G4 (17in, 1.00GHz)
    58. MacBook Pro (15in, Late 2007, 2.2GHz C2D)
    59. iBook G3 Clamshell (Indigo, 366MHz)
    60. Apple IIGS
    61. HP Desktop (HP Compaq Pro 6000 SFF)
    62. Power Macintosh 8500 (180MHz 604e)
    63. MacBook Pro (17in, Mid 2010, 2.66GHz i7, Anti-Glare Display)
    64. Dell Laptop (Latitude D620)
    65. Macintosh 512K (upgraded to 512ke)
    66. PowerBook 1400c (400MHz G3 upgrade)
    67. MacBook Air (2008, 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo)
    68. iBook G3 (Snow, 14in, 700MHz)
    69. MacBook Pro (13in, Mid 2009, 2.26GHz C2D)
    70. PowerBook G4 17in (DLSD, 1.67GHz)
    71. MacBook (2.4GHz Early 08 upgraded to Early 09)

    Apple: 49 in total
    -4 68k
    -12 Intel
    -32 PPC
    -1 6502

    PCs: 22 in total
    -2 AMD
    -20 Intel

    Apple Device Collection List:

    (Chronological Order)

    1. iPod Nano (4th Gen, 8GB, Silver)
    2. iPod Touch (4th Gen, 32GB, Black)
    3. iPhone 5 (16GB, White, VZW) SOLD
    4. iPod Nano (6th Gen, 8GB, Silver)
    5. iPad Air (16GB, Black, WiFi)
    6. iPhone 6 (16GB, Silver, VZW)
    7. Apple TV (3rd Gen) TRADED FOR ATV4
    8. Apple TV (4th Gen, 32GB)
    9. iPod Touch (4th Gen, 8GB, Black)
    10. iPod (2nd Gen, 8GB)
    11. Apple Watch (S1, Space Gray, Sport, 42mm)
    12. iPhone 4S (16GB, White, Sprint) PARTS
    13. iPhone 2G (8GB, Black/Silver, AT&T) PARTS
    14. iPhone 3G (8GB, Black, AT&T) PARTS
    15. iPhone 3G (8GB, Black, AT&T) PARTS
    16. iPhone 3G (8GB, Black, AT&T)
    17. iPhone 3G (8GB, Black, AT&T)
    18. iPhone 3GS (16GB, Black, AT&T)
    19. iPhone 3GS (8GB, Black, AT&T) PARTS
    20. iPhone 3GS (16GB, Black, AT&T)
    21. iPhone 2G (8GB, Black/Silver, AT&T)
    22. iPhone 4 (?GB, Black, Verizon) PARTS
    23. iPad 1 (32GB, Black/Silver, WiFi)
    24. AirPods (1st Gen)
    25. iPhone X (256GB, Space Gray, VZW)
    26. iPhone 4S (16GB, Black, Sprint)
    27. iPhone 4 (16GB, Black, VZW)
    28. iPad 1 (32GB, Black/Silver, WiFi)


    iPhones: 16 in total (15 in possession)
    iPods: 5 in total
    iPads: 3 in total
    Apple Watches: 1 in total
    Apple TVs: 2 in Total (1 in possession)
    AirPods: 1 in Total

    So the total amount of Apple products in my possession, not including software or other accessories/peripherals, is 76.
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    Jul 8, 2017
    West Bend Wisconsin
    iPad mini 2 32gb silver WiFi
    iPod Nano blue 5th generation.
    iPod Shuffle blue 2nd generation.
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    May 28, 2017
    Steve Jobs would have masturbated to this list.

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