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mojave 10.14

  1. P

    Why can't I download the macOS Catalina upgrade?

    I am trying to download Catalina on a brand new MacBook Pro that I received with Mojave preinstalled. Every time I try to download the Catalina upgrade at some point I get a message stating: "An error occurred while installing selected updates. The network connection was lost." I do not see a...
  2. K

    Can I remove an entire "alias" folder?

    There is a folder in Downloads labeled "calibre-2.16.0" In it is a folder labeled Applications, but with the little arrow that indicates it's an alias. It appears to duplicate the actual Applications tab in finder. Can I safely remove this? I have no clue where it came from.
  3. F

    Applications Icon on Dock Has Changed?

    Hi All, Have just purchased a new 2019 iMac with Mojave. One of the additional apps I have installed is 1Password. Since then, the Applications icon on the Dock represents the same icon that is used for 1Password (see attached image). How do I return the Applications icon on the Dock back to...
  4. dreadlord

    Screen flicker when watching video fullscreen on Safari after updating to 10.14.6

    I have updated my Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro to macOS Mojave 10.14.6 last night. After updating my Mac, I see a flicker on my screen a white box appeared on the center of the screen for a second. Then, I watched videos or movies on YouTube/Netflix using Safari, there is a weird flickering on my...
  5. S

    Reinstalled Mojave 10.14.5 VIA USB caused Apple Pay to stop working

    First of all the actual apple "community" on the apple site is a joke. I am having trouble with Apple Pay after reinstalling Mojave VIA USB. My Mac has a T2 chip so I had to change the security settings to allow usb booting. After that I receive an error message that says "Can't setup Apple...
  6. netdog

    Screen Recording with System Audio

    I'm playing video in a Safari window (I could just as easily play it in Firefox if that would help) and trying to do a screen capture with system sound. I tried it with Soundflower but that created a lot of problems, eventually leading to kernel panics. I tried it with the built-in screen...
  7. Gutti

    Jpeg images will not open in Preview

    Hi there. I just got my new mac with OS Mojave and when I click on jpeg images, they are not opening at all. Preview will not open them. Is there a recommended fix to this? Thanks for any help.
  8. K

    MacBook Pro + new SSD = continious restarts?

    Hi, hope someone here can help me solve this: I have a 2012 MacBook Pro 16gb RAM, running the latest Mojave OS X. I had a 500gb SSD drive seemingly go bad. Replaced it with a new 500 gb SSD. Running fine until a few days in when screen goes blank and MacBook restarts then 5 seconds later...
  9. jwatters579

    Running Catalina on Main Machine

    I was wondering how stable it is to run Catalina on a main machine? I have an updated Time Machine (running Mojave) but, it is not in a HFS format (the backup). Can I install Catalina and have all my current files on there (from Mojave) without an issue?
  10. F

    OS Majove USB installation keeps looping back to Disk Utility window

    Good day. Kindly help me with this. Problem: I have created a bootable USB (via Terminal, because Diskmaker threw up an error and stopped!). When I try boot from it so that I can reinstall my OS, it process starts off ok, but always ends up back at the Disk Utilities window without...
  11. Jegriva

    Buying a flashed GPU or a discrete stock GPU to flank my 5770 to upgrade my cMP5.1?

    Ok, it's 2019 and I still rock my MP5.1 with its stock ATI 5770 and its 4-cores 3.2GHz. I have not any impelling reason to upgrade to 10.14, but I noticed that when I play via bootcamp my PC games (mostly indies and strategy games, I have an Xbox for the big titles) the performance of my 5770...
  12. Nigel Goodman

    No sound when playing music in iTunes

    I'm not sure whether this belongs in the iOS or Mac forums, but hope it's ok here. I've been in touch with Rogue Amoeba support over this as it involves Audio Hijack and Fission along with iTunes on the Mojave and on iOS (iPhone XR). They have been extremely helpful, but have not been able, so...
  13. remiller

    Audio interface with new iMac and Mojave

    This is a cautionary tale. 2019 iMac, i9, Mojave 10.14. Running Logic Pro X. Attempted to install USB audio interface, which had been working well on previous iMac. Downloaded latest version of driver and restart to install. Boot up bar would display, but only advance 60% or so and stop...
  14. S

    password autofill requires password

    10.14.4 appears to have implemented an annoying hurdle in safari password autofill. Each time we select to autofill a password or cc I have to put in my user password (or use touchid). This is painfully inconvenient as I'm using this 20x an hour. Do any of you brilliant genius masterminds...
  15. F

    will Mojave be fixed?

    Brand new machine with Mojave 10.14.4 . iMac. For a month now I cannot fix the following problems which is holding up my workflow. 1. keyboard and mouse lose connection and nothing wakes them up again - its occasional. I have read that removing the Android transfer app may fix it - so...
  16. J

    FaceTime and iMessage not working (Mojave)

    I have a Late 2014 iMac and ever since I upgraded it to Mojave, I haven't been able to use FaceTime it just hangs (Color wheel appears) and iMessage would would work half the time and would the same thing but sometimes it will load up and sometimes it won't. I tried re-installing the operating...
  17. F

    Mac Pro 3.1 (early 2008) bootstuck

    Hi, I suspect I had had beta updates on for some reason and that some recent update bricked my computer. I left the machine on overnight and heard it restarting, the next morning it wouldn’t boot. The mac pro 3.1 is early 2008 that i managed to install Mojave on. Is it possible that my W3XXX...
  18. mkrieger

    iMac has problems booting USB installers

    Hello, I have the iMac 8,1 (early 2008, 24-inch). It is running clean MacOs El Capitan. My goal is to run unsupported MacOs Mojave and dual boot Windows 10. Neither of both work: 1. I first tried to install supported Windows 7 with BootCamp Assistant. Booting the iMac from the bootable USB...
  19. cpmarshalljr

    Mojave Convert HFS+ to APFS

    Somehow I upgraded HS to Mojave but am stuck at 10.14.1 and can't update to 10.14.4. Since this is going to be the Apple standard does anyone know how to convert a SSD to APFS?
  20. M

    Touch ID requires password every week

    I am having a new MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.3. Touch ID is working great however every Tuesday morning Touch ID requires the password. This happened on the last three Tuesday mornings, although I am working on my mac every day. According to Apple docs this shouldn't be the case because...