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office 2016

  1. M

    File lock kept opened even after closing the file, co-editing gone for toss in my Enterprise

    Hi The latest MAC 10.14.x and MAC 10.15.x OS have degraded their behavior with Word applications on Network drives mapped via SMB. These network drives are shared drives on the Windows-2019 File server or it can be on any Linux File server. Issues: A) When we map an n/w drive on MAC10.14.x...
  2. M

    FID opens unnecessarily on latest OSx of 10.14/10.15 causing data corruption with Word files on network drives(Windows/Linux File servers)

    Hi The latest MAC 10.14.x and MAC 10.15.x OS have degraded their behavior with Word applications on Network drives mapped via SMB. These network drive are shared drives on Windows-2019 File server or it can be on any Linux File server. Issues: A) 10.14.x and above versions of MAC always open...
  3. dougjames84

    Macbook wont shutdown ... management action Message? Please help

    hello lovely macrumors community. Hoping you Can help with this Odd error . Evertime i try to restart or shutdown this message comes up “office 2016 installation start “ as a management action box . Screen is black and all I can do is press dismiss . Sound works when I hit any key but I can...
  4. M

    Are this Office 2016 Product keys OEM licenses for life?

    I'm installing Office 2016 product key on my Windows PC from this website for only $29.99. I've been told that the best way to do this, is to get hold of an OEM copy from them and that it will work forever. I've found them on google...
  5. Martin_IT

    Outlook 2016 Exchange Archiving with Folder Structure

    Hi MacRumors Community, I just upgraded someone to Sierra with Outlook 2016 and the user told me that they need to auto-archive their Exchange account and maintain the same folder/subfolder structure which is an easy option in Windows. I've searched online and there is no information in...
  6. C

    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc) crashes when "print" or "Page setup are selected"

    On the latest beta : 17A306f Word and other microsoft office apps crash when "Print" or "Page Setup" are se;ceted. This occurs in Office 2011 AND Office 2016 I will have to use alternative such as Libfe Office until this is fixed.
  7. M

    Word 2016 64bit Issues. Microsoft wants $ for support.

    I have the following issues with Word 2016. 1.) Importing Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files into a .docx document results in a mirror-image reversal of the document. Performing the same task with Word 2011 or Word 2007 is successful. I use this as a workaround. 2.) Cross references...
  8. F

    Strange Microsoft Office associated graphics bug

    Hi everyone, I have been having a strange incidence with using Microsoft Word recently. Specifically, if I have a Word document open and leave it idle for 15-40 seconds (depending on document), the sides of the document would flicker. Sometimes it flickers from 1 page view to 2 page view. I...
  9. CharlieJames91

    Office 2016 scaling to print (Excel A4 - A3)

    Hi, I have 5 colleagues that have just upgraded their office from 2010 - 2016. there is a slight problem, when they go to print an excel document to A3 - the document does not scale to fit, it is just compressed in the top left corner. We have tried all options and can not find anything. we're...
  10. Aneef

    Office 2016 for Mac is not working on MacOS Sierra. Help!!

    Hey guys, Office 2016 for Mac is not working on Sierra. Please guide me regarding any updates or how to make it work. I tried Microsoft AutoUpdate. It downloaded something around 3.6 MB, installed it but Office apps still don't work. Screenshot is attached for reference. Please help. Regards.
  11. J

    MS Word 2016 - Change Default Options

    Greetings, I've been searching on Google for the past few hours to try and fix this problem but i cant find anything. How can i set the following change as a default setting? Please note i already tried presets and it doesnt work. Print What: Document showing Markup Print: Allpages in Range...
  12. cavi

    Apple use MS Office in iPad page instead of iWork

    Hi everyone, as someone who loves the iWork suite i'm really disappointed from the current version of iWork. since the release of the new suite I hoped that Apple will make efforts to make the suite better but nothing big happened, yet... we (me and my wife...) are considering a purchase of a...
  13. F

    office 2016 - won't start downloading updates..

    I'm running Office 2016 under El Capitan on a new MacBook 13". No problem downloading any update, except for the Microsoft Office Updates.. As if some kind of "firewall" prevents starting the download. I've tested downloading over 4G through hotspot with my iPhone, and then the download does...
  14. andyask

    SMB Woes with Windows 10 Pro fileshare

    Hi All I have a client with 3 El Capitan iMacs in a serviced office environment and a newly built Windows 10 Pro physical machine which acts as a file server. I have a share set up with shared access under the main Admin Account on the machine. The same account is used to authenticate on the...