1. M

    How can i really know that my imac has a PCI slot, behind the board?

    Hello everyone, how can i determine if an imac 21.5" Late 2013 has a PCI slot, behind the board, before dismantling it? Can i see it from the System Report?
  2. mjoman

    New iMac 2017 shows SSD as SATA

    Hello, recently I have purchased a new iMac 27' 2017 with 1TB SSD. The weird thing is that I have noticed the SSD is connected through SATA interface: As far as I know, iMac SSDs are supposed to be PCIe, correct? The speed tests shows slows performance compared to what they are...
  3. W

    RX 460 - Fans stopped spinning, error while gathering PCI device information.

    I just got my Sapphire RX 460 4gb OC plugged in to my 5,1 Mac Pro. This is my first time swapping gfx cards so I'm totally new to this. Here's my situation - maybe you can give me some advice: Removed the 5770. Installed the RX 460 Rebooted computer - no boot screen. Desktop shows up shortly...
  4. soundbuff

    Getting my 5,1 up to speed, need help!

    Hey Guys, So I've been following this forum since years and learned a lot from the experts here to troubleshoot all my mac troubles so far. You guys are great! Recently, I bought a MP5,1 for professional needs. I do post production sound and although the workflow is not heavy like video...
  5. DB10

    MacPro 4,1 SSD/PCI card connection help

    I'm planning to get this Samsung 1TB SSD for my 2009 MacPro 4,1. https://www.amzn.com/B00OBRFFAS/ I have a CalDigit Fasta-6GU3pro USB/SATA PCI card & I believe it has internal SATA III ports. Is it possible to connect this SSD drive to the Caldigit card or internally in one of the hard drive...
  6. R

    Simple? SSD Problem - Sata / Adapters

    Hey Guys, i bought a used Mac pro 2008 and it came with a SSD (Samsung 830 w 250GB) installed. After checking speeds in Blackmagic Test (W 250 / R 250) i assume its connected by SATA - will open machine later when i get home. So if i buy the OWC Accelsior S adapter and put the drive simply from...
  7. P

    OS Neutral Sales and Deals

    I'll keep these in one thread. Some good deals at the moment PC, Mac and Linux Humble 2K Bundle 2 at Humble Bundle Expired GMG sale : expired Bundle Stars Retroism deals (up to -70% off) Sid Meier's Colonization ($2.09 / -70%), Sid Meier's Covert Action ($2.09 / -70%), Sid Meier's...
  8. W

    2009 Mac Pro PCI slots 1 and 2 shared?

    Hey everyone, I know slots 3 and 4 are shared, but do slots 1 and 2 share lanes as well, or are they independent of one another? Thanks, Matt
  9. W

    Drive shows in system profiler but not disc utility

    Hey everyone, I have a m.2 installed in my 2009 Mac Pro pci slot, the disc shows in system profiler but not in disc utility. I checked terminal using (diskutil list) and it does not show up. I tried different pci slots, restarting, reset pram and SMC, I even tried reinstalling the OS but still...
  10. M

    Mac Pro 1,1 + Lycom DT-120 + Samsung SM951

    I have one of the first Mac Pros from 2006, and I want to move my OS to an SSD to increase performance. I have all of the SATA bays full with large spinning disks, so my plan was to install an SSD in a PCI adapter card. Here is my set-up: Mac Pro 1,1 (2006), running Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lycom DT-120...