1. H

    How does Ghost Touch typically occur on the iPhone X?

    Hey all! Super OCD person here with an iPhone X, been vigilant looking for symptoms of ghost touch ever since it was first acknowledged by apple and granted a replacement program. Recently I've been kinda freaking myself out thinking I'm noticing it here and there, but I don't even know if...
  2. maverick28

    Mac Create an agent to watch program launches

    Hello, I want to create an agent that would launch a certain script when iTunes is launched. Obviously, with the traditional set of properties such as KeepAlive and RunAtLoad it will resume endlessly as soon as the default 10-sec interval elapses which is not the desired behaviour as I need it...
  3. S

    How do I uninstall an app + it's accessory files?

    Hello MacRumors Community. Just uninstalled a music app called Reason 10. The file to start the app was inside the app's folder in which other stuff like Factory sounds were. I dragged the entire app folder to the trash and clicked on Empty Trash. Then I searched my computer and found...
  4. E

    Carrier Upgrade fee on T-Mobile

    Does T-Mobile charge an upgrade fee through iPhone Upgrade Program?
  5. E

    iPhone X Returning iPhone on upgrade program.

    Hello everyone, Has anyone return or exchange a defective iPhone with the iPhone Upgrade Program?
  6. Z

    Other iPhone Upgrade Program Buyout Options

    Hey everyone, don't know if anyone has posted about his previously but it's been on my mind lately with the impending new phones coming out. A lot of this is presumptuous, but I'm sure some of you will relate. I have an iPhone X on the iPhone Upgrade Program. I got it last year when the phones...
  7. mam8 esse grelo gostoso

    Free program to check CPU temperature, clock speeds, etc.?

    Hello guys. Recently I kinda "revived" an old Black Macbook Late 2006 with an SSD and maxed out the RAM. But the computer tends to get pretty hot, and even doing simple tasks the fan cranks up to maximum speed. Any way I can check my Mac's temperature for free? The program Intel provides for...
  8. zancine

    Mac Question on batch renaming

    Hi there, I have quite many images files need to be named following a pattern, and the pattern goes like: Section_1_1_NAME.jpg Section_1_2_NAME.jpg Section_1_3_NAME.jpg Section_1_4_NAME.jpg Section_1_5_NAME.jpg Section_2_1_NAME.jpg Section_2_2_NAME.jpg Section_2_3_NAME.jpg...
  9. J

    iPhone Upgrade Program on Release Day

    Hi All, New to the forums, so apologies if this has been posted before. Does anyone have any experience with setting up an iPhone Upgrade Program account on release day last year, and if so, was it easy? I'll be happy to pre-order myself an iPhone 8/X/OLED variant, but presumably I can't do...
  10. W

    Ipad Air A1475 - Screen stopped working - need program to enable viewing of Ipad screen

    Hello All, I have an A1475 Ipad (iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular) The screen has stopped working. When charged, I can hear alerts. When I plug into PC, a dialog box alerts me in Itunes that I need to log in on my ipad, to enable backup in Itunes. However, I cannot log into my Ipad - due to my screen...
  11. SilverLight300

    Windows base programs compatible with ios 9

    Which windows base programs are useful to work with IOS 9 side by side iTunes? Here is my related device information : Iphone 4S IOS 9.3.2 | IOS 9.3.5 Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 bit Is iTools ok? Why there are many sites on the net about that? For example :
  12. ashton18

    iPhone Upgrade Program - Possible to ship to home?

    Hello! I'm planning on buying two new iPhone 7's tonight using the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program. I have some questions. - Will I be able to pre-order through the Apple Store app and enroll in the program from there? - Will I be able to have the phones shipped to my house or do I have to...
  13. C

    simple design program for El Capitan

    Hi! can anybody recommend a free and simple photo/design program to run on El Capitan? All I need to do is crop, resize, and layer a bunch of little images onto a single page, to then print and cut out (we're making our own stickers :)) I used Photoshop CS3 before buying a new computer with a...
  14. C

    Make MacBook Pro 2011 Graphics Issue Reoccur

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago my MacBook Pro 15" early 2011 started shutting itself off randomly. Sometimes it just froze with various patterns and such, indicating graphical issues. Eventually it wouldn't turn on. The sleep light indicator would turn on and stay lit and you could hear the HDD...
  15. T

    How to use a Microsoft Publisher document on Mac (without using Publisher)?

    I went from a Windows to an iMac. I had tons of documents from MS Office that I had to transfer to the iMac and for the most part it was pretty easy. I didn't want to buy MS Office for Mac, so I downloaded Apache OpenOffice, which seemed to take all of my Word and Excel documents perfectly fine...