How to use a Microsoft Publisher document on Mac (without using Publisher)?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by TSmith16, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I went from a Windows to an iMac. I had tons of documents from MS Office that I had to transfer to the iMac and for the most part it was pretty easy. I didn't want to buy MS Office for Mac, so I downloaded Apache OpenOffice, which seemed to take all of my Word and Excel documents perfectly fine.

    The problem was the Publisher ones.

    I discovered that Publisher has it's own special format and there was no other program to open and edit it. I did find a website that converted the format to something I could use, so I tried that, but when I opened the document, everything was messed up. Things like pictures were out of order and stuff got moved around to a different location during the reformatting. It's going to be a time consuming process to fix it.

    My question(s) is: Is there another program out there that will keep my document intact and allow me to edit as it was before? Anything thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    LibreOffice (which is difference than ProjectLibre), free to download and use, can open Microsoft Publisher files. Another option to consider is using a Windows virtual machine on your iMac - Fusion, Parallels, and so on.
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    Wow thanks. That is a big help. I needed to take some Publisher files home from work and LibreOffice seems to be the only thing that opens .pub files on Mac. Thanks for the suggestion.

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