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  1. srbNYC

    Apple Music Help request: Testing WNYC-FM stream

    Asking for help. I've been listening to WNYC-FM via the Radio section in Apple Music for many, many months, on my HomePod and via a Home automation using my home audio system and Airplay. Suddenly, it has stopped working altogether. I figured it was one of the software updates. I never...
  2. S

    iPhone Cloud Radio - Record & Lyrics

    The only App on iOS that let you record, split & tags song from online Radio check it out : AppStore Please visit our website for more informaiton:
  3. Krystian Kozerawski

    Resolved Eter radio app for for listening to internet radio stations

    My name is Krystian Kozerawski and I am an independent developer from Poland. A few months ago I released my app for listening to internet radio stations. It is called Eter (Polish word for English Aether). Eter uses API and gives access to more than 20K streams of radio...
  4. M

    Apple Music Radio Stations

    After upgrading to 11.3 my Radio Stations in Listen Now will not play more than 2 to 3 songs and it just stops. I have de-auth and re-auth, logged out of account, unchecked iCloud library. It works perfect on phone and iPad. Does not appear to be my account and machine, as my partner has a...
  5. I

    M1/USB and Ham apps/win-only firmware updates?

    Posted this on the video thread; maybe more traction here. QQs (maybe)— Collective thoughts wanted on Windows/Parallels and hardware: I was looking at getting either a Surface or M1 MBA (only currently have a work-issued Mac, and iPad these days) to run Win honestly for the occasional hardware...
  6. P

    Live radio stream on cellular AW thru Siri!

    I’ve just discovered something... Maybe everyone else knows already, but I didn’t until this week (even though I thought I was proficient with my AW!)... I’d been waiting for radio apps like TuneIn to start streaming live radio to the cellular Apple Watch without a phone being present. Can’t...
  7. byke

    Corrupted Siri with Apple Music

    I am currently situated in Stockholm Sweden, and have found a bug. Usually I use Siri to "play BBC radio 1" for example. But just recently, I have discovered that while Siri understands the request. it supplements me with an alternative station (related to my location) and not what I asked for...
  8. supergaia

    looking for a program to listen internet radio

    Hi i was used to use radiosure! for windows , great free application i'm looking for a program/app for mac that can let me listen lots of internet radios i don't want to use itunes thanks
  9. ntlman

    Anyone else notice major commercial stations are now removed...

    My 2 favorite commercial FM radio stations, LA's 106.7 KROQ and Chicago's 93XRT, both used to be accessible via iTunes internet radio and Apple TV's Radio app. I would stream them both to my Apple TV and listen through my stereo since my radio reception is not great. As of yesterday, I noticed...
  10. ckuttner

    Digital radio listening?

    So....I have two radio stations I listen to regularly, our local NPR affiliate, and our local classical station, which has an internet presence at If I want to avoid the static of real radio broadcasting, one solution is to pull these up on my MacBook or iPhone, and connect to...
  11. Paulejonesy

    BBC radio capable radio app on the series 4

    I'm in the market for a BBC radio capable radio app on the series 4. In the UK, the only non-apple stations we can get on the apple radio app are LBC, bloomberg and something called PRI. Radioplayer has an apple watch companion app for its iOS app, which is pretty good but needs an iPhone. It...
  12. Z

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus FM radio on iPhone 6S+

    Is it possible to have FMradio on my iPhone6S+ without using cellular or wifi access?
  13. P

    Watch not connecting airpods to radio

    hey guys, im having a problem with my airpods and watch series 3 LTE.... my watch does not connect my airpods when i put on the radio. when i put on radio, it displays the page where it asks me what audio source i want to use. i click on my airpods. and the loading ticker displays and then...
  14. P

    Apps please delete

    sorry, moved this to the apple watch threads
  15. M

    iPhone Free $20 voucher code for 6 Months Tunepro Music App (Like Spotify)

    Tunepro Music FM allowed user to play music & FM in the app, free version have limited song list. What’s New in Tunepro :- - Smart search engine for music - Thousands of music available - A wide range of music categories - Smart Lyrics Auto-Fetches - Offline music & lyrics - Weekly Top Charts...
  16. B

    iOS 11 and VW radio

    Hi, After upgrading my iPhone 7 to iOS11, my Composition Media radio in my VW Polo, has startet to reboot randomly. When I disconnect bluetooth on either the radio or phone, there's no problem. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. M

    Alternative to iTunes 12

    Looking for a good alternative to iTunes 12 or a way to make iTunes 12 useable.... Currently I have about 1TB of music, which has rendered my iTunes library pretty unusable since I updated from iTunes 10 to 11 back in 2013(?) iTunes 12 is just more of the same. Finally getting fed-up of not...
  18. dra

    Universal 99.5 Rait FM - PNG and SP Music to the World!

    Just announced! 99.5 Rait FM now has the first Radio App for PNG Radio! Download it for Apple and Android and you can listen to us anywhere (uses your data). Tell your family and wontoks overseas! Rait FM is now bringing PNG and SP Music to the World! Download and tune in ...
  19. pacorob

    Cheap music apps with offline feature (without 10 USD/EUR monthly subscription)

    Please find below a list off music apps that offer an offline feature without paying for a subscription. These do include apps that have MusicSense (Free) | website | download feature is back for songs that you mark as 'favorite' you add to a playlist. Also Android app available | kind of...
  20. JonoH

    Radio now working again for non Music subscribers

    Is it just me.. or is iTunes Radio working again now for non Apple Music subscribers? its been fine for the last day or two.. I'm an iTunes Plus subscriber but it was taken away back in Jan and now it seems to have been returned to us!