1. napabar

    iPod iPod Photo connecting to SCSI and IDE drives.

    Flash media is boring! This is my first time attempting to use magnetic media with the iPod Camera Connector.
  2. napabar

    The DaynaFile - 5.25 inch floppies on a Macintosh!

    The DaynaFile is a wonderful piece of lost technology for the Macintosh. It's an enclosure that houses PC floppy disks drives (most importantly, 5.25 inch) and connects them to a Macintosh over SCSI. I looked for one of these for a long time, and was lucky to find a unit that was in very good...
  3. Opry99er

    Making a SCSI drive bootable

    Hello fine folks. My Mac Plus has been upgraded to 4MB, the old SCSI drives are now safely recovered and archived, I have a working LocalTalk network set up with my eMac, and all is well in the land. I wanted to accomplish all these things before I went on to my next task: Retiring my two SCSI...
  4. J

    PowerBook Duo 270c Hard Drive Fail

    Hello I recently got a beautiful PowerBook Duo 270c for about $25 and everything seems to be ok with the laptop. I got System 7.5.3 original floppy disks on eBay to format the drive and do a fresh OS install to this machine. I initialized the hard drive with the HD SC Setup 7.3.5 that comes in...
  5. E

    Need 10.2.7 G5 Install Disc Image

    Hi Everyone, I have been beating my head against a wall with this one and have see that a few others here have as well. I have beat all odds and acquired some pretty rare components to drive my Tango drum scanner but am up against a wall trying to get the install disc(s) for 10.2.7 for G5 I...