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  1. C

    UK-based Collectors?

    I have used Macs since the mid 90s and have a large number of items that would be appreciated by a select few. I was actually Apple certified from the dark days when you sat exams for configuration and printers up to the era of the Apple Store. I am having to sell up and relocate abroad. I am...
  2. Ompopo

    Trying to connect a Nikon Coolscan III to a 16" Macbook Pro M1 with SCSI->USB A cable + USB-C hub. I need help.

    Hiya :) So my father have a lot of old dias images and negatives that he wants to scan and get onto his new M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16". He is not the most tech savvy, but buys a machine so he can have it for years. Which I'm sure will be the case with the M1 Pro as this is technically more than he...
  3. macnicol

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to connect SCSI external drives to current iMacs?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to connect SCSI external drives to current iMacs? I have several old SCSI drives that I used with my Power Macintosh 7600/120 that I would like to check for any archiveable files and then erase and reformat before discarding. Are there adapters that convert...
  4. D

    G4 has a scsi card; did G5 have one?

    I have some Kodak film scanners with scsi connectors. The last Mac we could use them with was the G4. Is this still the case? Has anyone created a scsi card for a G5 or later? Or an adaptor that might allow the scanner to work with a G5? If not, I may just find some G4s to use them with. Any...
  5. Giuanniello

    Thunderbolt to SCSI?

    Hello, is there any way to use a SCSI scanner onto a MacMini by adapting the SCSI interface to the TB one (MacMini 2014)? Grazie
  6. Opry99er

    Making a SCSI drive bootable

    Hello fine folks. My Mac Plus has been upgraded to 4MB, the old SCSI drives are now safely recovered and archived, I have a working LocalTalk network set up with my eMac, and all is well in the land. I wanted to accomplish all these things before I went on to my next task: Retiring my two SCSI...
  7. J

    PowerBook Duo 270c Hard Drive Fail

    Hello I recently got a beautiful PowerBook Duo 270c for about $25 and everything seems to be ok with the laptop. I got System 7.5.3 original floppy disks on eBay to format the drive and do a fresh OS install to this machine. I initialized the hard drive with the HD SC Setup 7.3.5 that comes in...
  8. E

    Need 10.2.7 G5 Install Disc Image

    Hi Everyone, I have been beating my head against a wall with this one and have see that a few others here have as well. I have beat all odds and acquired some pretty rare components to drive my Tango drum scanner but am up against a wall trying to get the install disc(s) for 10.2.7 for G5 I...