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  1. B

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini Silver vs iPhone 12 Pro Silver

    Hey, after watching some YT straight comparison between 12 Silver and 12 Pro Silver Some said the white rear of 12 has little beige tint/reflection while 12 Pro Silver has pure white I am going to order 12 Mini for sure, but i m little hesitating To 12 Pro Silver / 12 Silver owners How it looks...
  2. Aspyred

    iPhone 12 Pro Anyone else undecided between Silver and Gold for iPhone 12 Pro?

    My heart says gold, but my brain says silver - anyone else feel the same? Why Silver? It is the ONLY Pro color to seemingly have a polished stainless steel without PVD coating - in my thinking, it means it will be easily polishable with Cape Cod polishing cloths, especially if I intend to have...
  3. bonjourx

    Which scratches more easily and more visibly? Stainless steel gold or stainless steel silver?

    I can’t decide between the two if I purchase the Apple Watch series 6. I have a SS gold series 5 and so far it’s not showing any scratches. However, I am quite opting for the SS silver this time and I’ve never had one before, so I’m just wondering between the two which one scratches more easily...
  4. keysofanxiety

    Any arborists pottering about?

    Mate at work found this weird silver fungus egg thing stuck on a tree and took a photograph... after sticking a dirty great fingernail into it for whatever stupid reason. Can't figure out what it is and a Google search comes back blank. Anybody have an idea what it is...
  5. AutomaticApple

    iPad Pro Should I get Space Gray or Silver?

    I honestly can’t make up my mind. Please help me!
  6. I

    Mac Pro in Silver Aluminum?

    Just curious about your thoughts on the possibility of next Mac Pro release in Silver Aluminum color along with silver for rumored Apple Display?
  7. I

    iMac Pro in Silver?

    Just curious what are your thoughts on the possibility of future iMac Pro release in silver color?
  8. B

    Display and Bezel Color

    Not intended to be a "what color is better post" is already know black bezels have more noticeable fingerprints and scratches while the white attracts dust and is a distraction. Now I'm mainly here to ask, Does anyone feel the colors on the display look better with one bezel vs the other?
  9. KarinvdB

    S3 (non LTE) alu colors.. help!

    So I'm about to get my first Apple Watch. I'm in the Netherlands and there's no LTE models here (I don't mind, and I don't like the red dot anyway) so I'm limited to the aluminium colors. I haven't seen them in real life yet and that will probably be the deciding factor. We're headed to the...
  10. sbkevinmichael

    Its here! SEE PICS

    Hey guys here my new 8 plus silver! just thought you guys would want to see pictures!
  11. kgenova

    Is the silver 8 Plus more white than silver?

    Hi! Agonizing here over gold vs silver for the 8 Plus. The back of silver looks white in some pictures/video and more silver in others. And sometimes the back of the gold looks like a beautiful, warm golden color and other times it shows up as an ugly beige? Thoughts? I'd go for the space grey...
  12. wowlisawoww

    Rosegold or silver MacBook 12"??

    I've had a real hard time trying to decide which color I'm going for for my next MacBook. It's a lot of money and I don't want to regret my decision. Please help me choose. SILVER OR ROSEGOLD??
  13. T

    Which colour should I get?

    So I'm finally giving in and buying an Apple Watch (couldn't stay away any longer!) but now the big dilemma of which colour to choose. I have to order online as there isn't an Apple Store where I live. I have tiny wrists so need a 38 mm. I want either rose gold or silver with a black band. I...
  14. D

    What color iPhone 7 do you have?

    Which color do you have? I have a Gold iPhone 7 128gb.
  15. DrewK

    [POLL] Tell me color choice satisfaction after using nMBP space gray!!!!!

    Hi I know many of you already got the nMBP and started using it. I want to know your opinion after using them, just about color satisfaction. For example, I regret choosing SG because it shows off too much fingerprints or SG becomes ugly at night with dark lights on or discoloration of space...
  16. janeauburn

    Silver works best with more leather case colors

  17. A

    Silver 7+ & Stone / White Silicone Case?

    Hi all, My Silver 7+ should arrive next week (finally). I am looking to pick up the Official Apple Silicone Case. I can't decide, whether to get the White, or the Stone. Which have you gone for? It would be greatly appreciated, if you could post a picture of your Silver 7+ with either...
  18. B

    Help to choose the best case/tempered glasses for my new iPhone SE

    Hi guys, i want to order the new iPhone SE in white/silver color, this a piece of art, i really love 5S/SE design I dont want ugly case. Do you know if there is any thin case in full silver? I m looking for something matching with my Apple Macbook Air, i have everything in silver and would love...