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snow leopard

  1. C

    iPad 2 and iOS 9.3.3, what to expect?

    Hello there, I have an iPad 2 I never upgraded past iOS 6.1.3, and while it's running beautifully and I jailbroke it (for f-lux), most new apps are now incompatible. I mostly still use Snow Leopard as an OS, and I already know using iTunes to upgrade iOS to the 9.x branch will prevent any...
  2. gdesh

    hanging up at user account screen

    Can I get a little help here from persons much more knowledgeable than me? I have a 2006 20" imac that was given to me in 2012. The hard drive crashed within a few weeks (horrible clicking, grinding sounds) and it has been sitting on my desk for 4 years. Feeling industrious the other day, I...
  3. F

    Install Snow Leopard on 20" iMac without optical drive

    I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mavericks to Yosemite on 20" iMac. The device is functioning unbearably slow. I have the snow leopard DVD that came with the computer. But the optical drive is not working on it anymore. The optical drive is not available as the product now is obsolete. I...
  4. B

    Is my 2006 Macbook upgradable?

    This is my first forum post on here so please be gentle with your answers. I have a 2006 White macbook. I bought it 4 years ago expecting it to last for a few months whilst travelling and it's lasted this long. I'm now starting to have issues with it not being able to run some websites as the...
  5. T

    Snow Leopard usb hard drive on MBP El Capitan

    Hi! I just have a new MBP retina with El Capitan, my old MB (white) was dead and I bought a new one. I removed the old drive from the MB and put it into an USB case and I tried to start it in the new MBP using the option key (as I usually do with others drives into my old MB), but it didn't...
  6. E

    Preview: Actual Size By Default Option Removed

    Hey everybody, name's Evan. Long time reader of the forums here, first-time poster. So, I'm a 9-Year Veteran of Apple, been using them since high school. Unfortunately, while I feel Apple is getting better as a whole in quality and convenience, sometimes Apple screws with you, and removes...
  7. robertcoogan

    I miss this

    Old RSS feed from Safari on Snow Leopard. Wish Apple would bring it back.
  8. yrduougyuc

    Beefing up old iMac as Time Machine Server

    So today I dropped my external hard drive containing my backups and it's not turning on anymore. This got me thinking, carrying around my backups with me is kind of stupid (I travel quite a lot), so I had an idea: I've got a 2006 iMac at home, as well as a version of 10.6 Server which should run...