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  1. Ryan Bremer

    How high of an Speedometer score do you guys get?

    How high of an Speedometer score do you guys get? (on an old PowerPC ofcourse!😉) Here is mine: URL is!
  2. Ryan Bremer

    Userscripts to fix TenFourFox/IWPPC web compatibility

    Hello. As I believe in the philosophy that PowerPC Macs are still sufficient to do most stuff, here I am offering a list of userscripts compatible with TenFourFox/IceWeaselPPC/InterWebPPC/Arctic Fox/... How to apply userscripts? Use Greasemonkey 3.11 (attached in the post, compatible with...
  3. alex_free

    Legacy Springboards for Commercial Web Services Wiki

    The web is getting more and more bloated. Even with TenFourFox FPR 32 Intel on Snow Leopard (2.93GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA 9600M GT 512MB) the modern is unusable due to how slow everything functions (even with uBlock legacy). Yes, I know there are other browser options and tweaks, but I...
  4. pipetogrep

    The Unofficial TenFourFox Development Toolkit

    UPDATED 02/01/2023 Updated Tiger version to latest MacPorts with latest packages Added the option to enable Quartz at the final build step if a Quartz compatible card is detected Hi all, After almost two weeks of working, building, compiling, and doing it all over again several times, I've...
  5. Appleuser201

    (Unpopular Opinion) I think Webkit is the way to go, not Tenfourfox..

    I am gonna start this off by saying that I know this is a very unpopular opinion, and will get hated on but I just want to share it and am open to negative criticism and feedback. I will also say that I show much appreciation to Cameron Kaiser and the contributers to TenFourFox for supporting an...
  6. Appleuser201

    PowerUOC - TenFourFox Web Browser Project For The New Decade

    Who’s ready for a new refreshed browsing experience for ppc based macs? On an earlier thread, someone mentioned the name PowerFox would be a good iceweaselppc name replacement as Iceweasel was the Debian version of Firefox and is trademarked. That got me thinking about a new tenfourfox based...
  7. Appleuser201

    TenFourFox/PPC browsers Unsupported Message Fix?

    Recently I’ve been having this problem with some websites. Especially google sites like gmail and docs, is there a way to change the user agent to a newer browser like Firefox 56 in tenfourfox to trick the website into thinking I’m using a newer version of “Firefox”? And there’s my new grape...
  8. Z

    foxPEP and TenFourFoxPEP - For A Faster Firefox / TenFourFox

    The Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch, officially abbreviated as foxPEP, is a finely tuned all-in-one preferences patch designed exclusively for Firefox-based browsers that automatically applies a number of advanced under-the-hood configurations to achieve a superior Web browsing experience on...
  9. Appleuser201

    Does YouTube Still Work in Panther? (Classilla + QuickTime)

    I don't run Panther. I watched a video demonstrating an iMac G3 going to using Classilla on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and clicking any video automatically launched a QuickTime player window without the need for Quicktime enabler. This video was uploaded in August 2018, does it still work...
  10. Appleuser201

    A New Browser is needed for Mac OS 9

    Just saw a poll on this forum for what OS people use on their PPC Macs and about 25% voted that they use Mac OS 9 or earlier. The only browser available for that OS (that is most modern) is Classilla and the same is true for every version of OS X under 10.4. Wikipedia said the browser has not...
  11. L

    Spotify App for PowerPC Macs?

    I havent been able to locate any apps, does any such working Spotify App exist for PPC? I cant get it to work on TenFourFox (1.33ghz G4) Any help would be greatly appreciated, all the ibooks are really good or are music streaming playback.
  12. Appleuser201

    How Bad is TenFourFox on a G3 Mac?

    Anyone out there who dares run TFF on there G3 (yes G3) Mac, please tell me what YouTube video playback experience is like? I know there are dozens of YOUTUBE applications, but for the sake of curiosity, I am wondering how painful TenFourFox YouTube playback is on a 19 year old processor. Thanks!
  13. Slix

    TenFourFox + Network Server Accounts

    Hi! I have a Mac OS X Server running 10.5 Leopard currently, and have network accounts enabled so users can log in across any Mac that is bound to the Server. This all works, and preferences are retained across apps in the users' home folders on the Server, however, TenFourFox has a weird...
  14. Appleuser201

    PowerPC Macs Interest Kids These Days?

    Came across this YouTube channel of a girl about 11 or 12 years old doing instructional videos on PowerMacs, TenFourFox. I guess everyone has their thing? Just want all of your opinions. Most of these machines are older than her!
  15. Appleuser201

    Youtube not working on 600mhz iMac G3

    youtube isn’t working on the 600mhz iMac g3/1gb ram. I use TenFourFox, and the video doesn’t play well it stutters and freezes and sometimes crashes or doesn’t load at all. Any tips for better video streaming? Is there any way to play YouTube using a web browser on the G3 like you can do on the...
  16. Appleuser201

    Get Netflix Working On 600mhz iMac G3/1gb ram

    How can I stream Netflix (480p or lower) on a 600mhz G3 iMac? I know Netflix supports HTML 5 video. The iMac should barely be powerful enough to stream video as the Nintendo Wii has a similar PowerPC processor and can stream video fine.
  17. Appleuser201

    Still possible to use iMac G3 as daily machine?

    I am wanting to get a 600mhz iMac G3 with 1gb of ram and use it as my daily machine for email, internet (no video watching, no gaming), and word processing. Can I still get by on the internet in 2018 with a G3 iMac running 10.4.11 tiger and TenFourFox as my browser? I am also wondering if anyone...
  18. Mac03ForLife

    TenFour on 10.6?

    So I'm downgrading to 10.6.8 on my MBP 8,1 (Recently it just froze and Locked entirely) I have a 10.6 disk on hand, so I'm going to use that. PPC Support through Rosetta is more important to me than iCloud. Will I be able to run TenFourFox through Rosetta? Camino? Will FF 57 and Chrome run...
  19. AmazingHenry

    TenFourFox FPR1 is Here!

    Was reading through viva PowerPC's "world" page (which combines a bunch of PPC news sites into one feed) and I found out that TenFourFox FPR (Feature Parity Release) 1 is here and available for download! So, following my "TenFourFox 45 is Here" thread, here's a discussion thread on it. Is it...
  20. AmazingHenry

    TenFourFox - Really Slow

    When I made the Tiger Transition recently, I was really impressed with TenFourFox. Page loads were similar to LWK, and the webpages were really responsive! However, with a few weeks use, TenFourFox is really, really slow now. I find myself using Camino more and more. I have...