1. T

    iPhone Bluetooth Time

    Ever since upgrading to 12.4 when I connect my iPhone XR to my car stereo via Bluetooth the time on the stereo changes to an incorrect and random time. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix or is this a bug? Thanks.
  2. wozmatic

    Does anyone know how much data is used for iOS to keep time synced with the official time?

    I'm sure it's very little data, but still would be nice to see an accurate number (I don't want to know for data usage, I want to know for curiosity, and maybe how often it checks to see it's synced.) Maybe some nerd had graphed the packet data on the phone to see when and how much data the...
  3. Hustler1337

    General [BUG] Anybody else's status bar clock not updating (frozen)?

    Hi guys, Since updating to iOS 12 on my iPhone 6 Plus, I've noticed that the status bar clock on the top of the screen does not update all the time. It seems like it sometimes get frozen and updates every 2 minutes. As an example, you can see in the screenshot below that the actual time is...
  4. T

    Why does the iOs photos app show different time zone time than the MacOS version

    When I look at my photos were taken at a place that was a different time zone than mine, the time shows correctly (i.e. adjusts it for the time zone.) however, on my iOs devices, the time is set at my own current time zone. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?
  5. frodorock

    Photos App has major flaws

    I recently wanted to organise my photo library. I found that we had more than 60000 photos, so some organization and pruning was needed. I thought that I had found the perfect method, using Photos in combination with iCloud (I had planned to buy the 200 GB upgrade for iCloud). However, I...
  6. X

    Time Machine Encryption Paused...

    Hi, so I was backing up my Macbook to an external HDD, and after it finished backing up, it started encrypting like I set it to do. The encryption process was really slow, like 30% over 10 hours. The problem is, the last time I checked, it was at 70%. Then, I shifted my computer and HDD, and...
  7. playcompass

    iPhone Holiday Promo Giveaway for SoundMaster ISA

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  8. playcompass

    iPhone Holiday Promo Giveaway for SoundMaster RTA

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  9. B

    Activity Monitor - Time on battery

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Mac OS and to the forums so I apologize if this has been asked before. So does the time on battery Start counting after you unplug the charger? because I haven't plugged in my charger for over a day but my Mac shows that my time on battery is about 6 hours 45 minutes which...
  10. appreciatethehelp

    Sundry questions about time machine's "versions".

    1) Does time machine delete the oldest versions based on their age, or the number of versions created? 2) If it deletes based on age, how old do the versions have to be to get deleted? 3) If it deletes based on the number of versions created, how many versions do there have to be before the...
  11. K

    iOS Time protection algorithm

    Hi, I want to make swift project which allows to do something only after 2 hours. I will get time and date, if 2 hours has passed, I will allow but people can change the time in settings. How can I inhibit it?
  12. WaxLily

    The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8072).

    My son crashed my mac by running Steam gaming software and it snowballed into a bunch of issues; I've rebooted the machine twice, but the initial freezing interrupted one of my Time Machine backups and now I'm having great difficulty getting TM to run as it's hung up on 'preparing'. So I did...
  13. A

    After reboot, the time and date are reset to 01.01.2038

    Hello! I have a macbook pro 15 late 2013 (sierra 10.12.4). Today I faced such a problem: after reboot, the time and date are reset to 01.01.2038. I also automatically log out of all accounts in the safari and chrome. When I go to the settings for the date and time and unlocking them by entering...
  14. G

    Date / Time issues on AD-joined domain Macbook Pro's

    Probably going to be lengthy post - sorry -- I've been working to configure ten new MacBook Pro's to our AD domain. Through many days of pain, I've determined there's some sort of date/time problem with version 10.12.4 of Sierra. I can consistently reproduce the problem. If I leave the OS at...
  15. Thor774

    Shorter encryption time for empty volumes?

    Setting up my external 5TB USB3.0 Time Machine disk I decided to try 2 approaches: 1. First I enabled TM on the empty drive that was formatted with HSF+ (non encrypted). I configured TM to encrypt my backup drive on the go. The total size of my TM backup is more than 3TB and this process was...
  16. basilt

    finder bar:digital clock moves left , Fixes ?

    hello, I recently notice from time to time the finder bar, top right with the keyboard, date, spotlight and disabled notification icons, especially at the point where the minutes, last digits are displayed, moves to the left slightly, causing whole date filed to move on the bar ! Is this...
  17. C

    Sierra Broke Clock

    Hello, all! Searched everywhere for a solution and found nothing. Before Sierra my clock in OS X worked great... I.e. it told me the time and was never wrong. And I am literally just talking about the clock at the top right of the screen, the basic OS X clock. Anyway, whenever I wake my 2015...
  18. baryon

    Sierra doesn't respect the custom date format set in "Language & Region" preferences

    This is going to be a "First World Problem" but I wonder if others are seeing this too, and if I'm just missing something. I live in Hungary so I have set my region to "Hungary" accordingly, but I like my dates and times to be displayed like they are in the US and UK, I find it cleaner and...
  19. O

    Time Machine volume on NAS corrupt once a month

    Hi community! I own a WD MyCloud EX2 which I use for Time Machine Backups. Unfortunately, there is an issue with backing up to NASs in Time Machine and I keep getting an error message which says something like: "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time...
  20. pacorob

    Calendar app that indicates distance time to appointment

    I was looking into a way to show the distance time to a certain appointment from my current location or from the previous appointment, should be an option to choose I think. There is ofcourse the Apple Calendar app which also supports Google Calendar. I've read that it only works with iCloud...