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titan x

  1. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Macvidcards Titan X will only boot via DVI Mac 5.1

    Hi there, I have a flashed Macvidcards Titan X in my 2010 Mac Pro 5.1. Since installing the Titan about 4 years ago I've only ever been able to get my machine to boot while using the DVI cable connected to an old monitor the grey apple logo appears after some Commandline text- once it reaches...
  2. absente

    Titan X and 4,1 / Power

    I want to upgrade the GPU in my mP4,1 flashed to 5,1 and I am considering the older Titan X 12G due to the nice amount of CUDA cores for rendering work and the current low price of just 500USD where I am at. Now, I am well aware of the Pixlas MOD, however I've seen topics such as this (...
  3. waldorffr

    Mac Pro 5.1 Sierra, Titan or Titan X questions

    Hello,I don't want to bother the sellers and to return my cards, So I would to know if the Titan or Titan X works natively without the web drivers on Sierra or High Sierra like my 780 GTX does. Because I did a try with the 1080 GTX and it was simply a nightmare, so I want to go to a Titan X...
  4. Iceman23b

    Will the GV-NTITANXD5-12GD-B card work on a Mac Pro 5.1 Mid 2010

    Hi!. I want to buy the GIGABYTE GV-NTITANXD5-12GD-B video card to use it in my Mac Pro Mid 2010. I wanto know if it will work do to the fact that the card is PCIe-3. If it works I know that I may have to flash it to make it work on the Mac. Thanks for your help.
  5. S

    Help: Titan X Weird DP Problem

    The Issue: The display ports are failing "handshake" at boot. They remain blank. If you pull them out of the card and replace when the Mac has booted, then that's okay. Try to boot normally, the DP (scene blank) not seen. D-DVI port or HDMI = OK Anyone got any ideas? PS Passing forwards...
  6. P

    Titan X not working in Sierra

    Hi everyone, I posted this originally in the OS forum but I was advised by user Pastrychef to post it here. He kindly gave me some advice on what could be wrong but so far I still have't had any luck in getting this to work so I thought I'd post again here. I've been using a Titan X (Non EFI...
  7. P

    Titan X has stopped working now that I've installed Sierra

    Hello. I've done a search on this but can't seem to find anyone with the same issues. I have a Mac pro 5,1 with a Titan X installed. It worked fine on El Capitan but since upgrading I now just get a black screen. I've installed the latest NVidia drivers as well as changing the stings in the...
  8. skyline r34

    Unboxing Titan X Pascal for Mac Pro 5,1

    I just unboxed a Titan X Pascal for my 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core, I have not installed the card yet because I'm waiting on two more parts a mini 6-pin to 8-pin and mini 6-pin to 6-pin power cables and the only place i know that carries them is Moddiy and there base out in Hong Kong but if you guys...
  9. M

    Titan X in Mac Pro

    Is that possible to run a Titan X from the internal Mac Pro Power using this Cable? I already own the Mac Pro to 6 Pin Adapter.
  10. CrickStar3D

    Best Cable connection Titan X to Dell 5k monitor

    Hello Peeps! I'm a newbie so please be gentle if I'm out of sorts. I am wearing a flak jacket just in case I'm doing something inappropriate. ;-} I just acquired a Mac Pro Tower 5.1 with a NVIDIA GTX Titan X 12 GB card. I was wondering what the best cable to connect it to a Dell 27" 5k monitor...
  11. W

    Thermal pads for Titan X?

    Hey everyone, Looking to replace the thermal pads on a gtx Titan X. I heard good things about fujipoly but not sure about thickness and W/mK ratings. Higher the W/mk rating the better? 1mm thickness? Thinner the better? .5mm perhaps? Thanks, Matt