1. K

    Phone activity

    Is there any way to see what activity your phone was performing? ie if you are sleeping and you have been accused of being online!
  2. supergaia

    can you please tell me when you start your mac the ammount of disk writting?

    hi maight you please tell me when you start to imac ,macbook and you leave idle for 10 or 15 minutes the ammount of MB or GB via activity monitor please? thanks
  3. dimzen

    iPhone Data usage app - Dual sim?

    Is there a data usage app out there, that supports dual sim, I can't seem to fine one :/
  4. cserba

    iPhone Application to track my monthly plan

    Hi all. I am looking after an application which can track all my monthly plan which mean Data usage (mobile data), Sent SMS/MMS, Phone calls (in minutes) I was able to find app which can track my data usage, but that is not enough for me, as I have a monthly plan of 100 Minutes of phone calls...
  5. A

    S4: High usage count and battery drain

    Hello, I own a Series 4 44mm GPS for a few days now, coming from a S2, which I used for about 2 years. Anyway, the S4 was paired as a new watch, I did not restore a backup. I noticed, that the S4 battery time is much lower than on my S2. It consumes constantly about 8-10% per hour, only when...
  6. C

    iPad Never owned a tablet, but tempted by an iPad

    Hi folks ! I have never owned any kind of tablet in my life. I have had an iPhone since the iPhone 4's first day and now have a iPhone 6s. I also own a Macbook Pro Retina late 2013. I am an industrial developper, and I now have a work laptop. My Macbook Pro has since seen less work intensive...
  7. Sovon Halder

    What is the typical CPU usage with external monitors?

    If I connect a 4K monitor with a latest MBP, will there be a spike in CPU / GPU usage than normal ?
  8. rhett7660

    Testing LAN speeds of various devices

    Hello, Is there a way to test the local speeds and also see what is being used the most on my LAN? I have two switches and a router installed on my network with various items connected to the switches etc. However I would like to see all the devices that are connected and how much of my...
  9. C

    iOS 11 iPad System Size / Storage Issue

    So I switched iPads from the Air 2 to the Pro 9.7. Both of them are on iOS 11 beta 2. However, my Pro is using almost 20 GB more space than the Air 2 (??!!). I can't figure out why the huge difference. My "Other" category looks enormous compared to the rest. Let me know if you have any ideas...
  10. tevion5

    Resolved iCloud Drive says it's full, but isn't?

    I have an issue where my iCloud Drive claims to be full. It reports my current usage as being "59GB of 50GB". This is reported on my iPhone 6S and MacBook Pro. I have a 50GB plan for 0.99c a month. But what I don't understand is that it doesn't add up. The main thing I use it for is Documents...
  11. D

    iPhone ate 2GB data in 4 days??

    I bought a MiFi dongle and a 2GB international data sim to use abroad (to avoid roaming charges). I switched off Mobile/Cellular data, and left the phone connected to the dongle via WiFi. I burnt through 2GB in 4 DAYS!! :( Usually I don't even use 1GB per month of data. But I realised I'd...
  12. V

    Question: Battery strange behavior. What to do? What to know?

    Hi again, MacForums friends. I have yet another question that I wanted to do some time ago. Previously, I said in a thread, that I have a faulty battery and asked what measures to take using my Macbook until I replace the battery. I own a 15-inch MacBook Pro Mid-2010, that I got as a birthday...
  13. V

    How much time can I safely use my Macbook with a dead battery

    Hello. I wanted to ask, how much can I use my Macbook Pro safely without changing the battery that is already dead? I'm a newbie on the Mac products, i got a 15-inch Mid 2010 Macbook as a birthday's gift for school uses. It has been 2 years since I got it, and haven't got any serious problems...
  14. C

    All iPads Is it normal for battery usage to increase on standby

    Hello people. I have question about battery life. I have iPad Air 2 wifi only. My question is about battery usage. Right now i have about 4 hours and 40mins of usage. And the standby time is 69 hours and 27 minutes. But I have used the device about 3 hours and 30 minutes. So the usage time...
  15. DJ Dilbert

    iPhone Data usage - What exactly are my apps doing?

    A few of my apps are using a significant amount of data and i'm not sure what exactly they are doing. Is there an app I can download that will give me a breakdown/history of each apps' individual usage? I'm talking more detailed than the usage statistics under Setting > Cellular. Thanks in...
  16. M

    iOS 10 used all my data plan

    Last night I updated to iOS 10 and in matter of hours - I noticed it this morning - it used 4gigs of data of my plan. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing this. Something has changed, and somehow it is overriding all my previous settings to use WiFi for media sync. Anyone has noticed...
  17. BigMcGuire

    Battery Cycle Count Question

    Does leaving the phone plugged into the wall really reduce battery cycle counts? Because, from what I'm reading, it looks like the phone will go from 90% to 100% (while displaying 100%) and do a whole bunch of 90-100% cycles (10% of a full charge cycle) if it's plugged in. There are, however...