Question: Battery strange behavior. What to do? What to know?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by VillalobosChamp, Apr 29, 2017.

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    Hi again, MacForums friends.

    I have yet another question that I wanted to do some time ago.
    Previously, I said in a thread, that I have a faulty battery and asked what measures to take using my Macbook until I replace the battery.

    I own a 15-inch MacBook Pro Mid-2010, that I got as a birthday gift almost three years ago, for school work.

    I'm in my early 20s and like to chill out playing some games (specifically Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, sometimes YGOPro).

    Most of my time I spend it browsing on Reddit or watching YouTube vids, rarely going for Facebook but browsing by it little time.

    I want to set this background to make you know how do I make use of my MacBook and help me to figure out if I could've caused harm to my computer battery.

    This is my battery behavior timeline (how it behaved from some time ago to now)
    • Around one year/one year and half ago my battery gave a "Replace Soon" notice. This was intermittent, it remained there maybe one or two months then went gone, steadily it rendered permanent on the Battery status icon.
    • This year's February the "Replace now" notice appeared on the Battery status icon, even though, the computer still behaved as normal.
    • Mid-March when I was watching YT vids overnight, I noticed that the battery was draining while plugged the the MagSafe adapter, it showed 92% remaining charge. I proceeded to unplug the charger, and then Battery status bumped to 100% and didn't dropped from there since. (I left the computer unplugged for some time to confirm this).
    • Early April when I was using the computer unplugged, it shut down. The computer's (left) side button that shows Battery charge was full (all green lights turned on when I clicked the button)
    • When I connected to power and behaved normally, further tests threw that:
    1. I could use the computer for 5 minutes unplugged without any "heavy-tasking" (as heavy-tasking a YT vid is, and upper).
    2. I could set my computer on Sleep for some time (didn't left my computer unplugged on sleep more than 10 minutes, and I'm exaggerating) until I plugged to the MagSafe

    • A few days later, after turning off my computer, the side Charge battery indicator turned off abruptly after unplugging the computer (It reached the third green dot, then turned off. When usually, the 8 dots should turn on after unplugging even though the battery didn't hold as much charge)
    • Now seems like the computer took this as a Energy Supply failure, so as soon I connected the computer to power, it turned on and ran a program named rpcsvchost
    • Around 10 days ago, when I made my first thread, I was "playing" Heroes of the Storm (more like, trying some of the new HotS 2.0 perks) the computer suddenly turned off and turned on again with the fans at max speed until reached the login screen.
    • The day after that, my charger turned its light Orange, and battery status said it was charging again, from 99% to 100% but was something for me at least.
    • Happened that I disconnected the computer, and didn't shut down. My tests lead me to know that Battery was behaving as it was during mid-March.
    • Now today I woke up and the computer turned on as soon I connected it to power, so its now behaving as it were two-weeks ago.
    Given how the life is, turns out that I can get a new battery asap (In less than 1-month span, I hope). But I want to get some answers about if I could've done some harm to the battery to cause this or maybe this Batt was faulty.
    I have a theory about it could've been faulty since the start, but maybe that's me. If I left the battery below 60% when turning it off, the battery totally depleted (this happened when I got the computer "brand-new") and as far as I know my uncle (previous owner) told me that he had to replace the Logic Board some years ago (4 years IIRC).

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help me to find answers.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    You are WAY overthinking things.

    Replace the battery. You might get one from
    Be sure to buy and use the RIGHT TOOLS for the job, as well.

    If you can't replace the battery yet, use the Macbook with the charger connected. It will have to do.

    That's about it...

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