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  1. Rem Tadeo

    big sur beta 10

    An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 5Ee2471th1TUVKvJ) when playing YouTube videos on safari, also in Netflix
  2. S

    Going full screen with an external monitor changes the screen colour in full screen.

    I have this problem when connecting my MacBook Pro 13" to an external monitor, the colour change when going full screen in videos when web browsing. this happens in all the browsers except Firefox. I noticed that the full screen mode is different because Firefox doesn't add another desktop like...
  3. EugW

    iOS/iPadOS 14 and VP9 support [Merged]

    Some questions about VP9 support in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: 1. This is hardware VP9 support, right? 2. If hardware VP9, which hardware? How far back in terms of Ax chips is this VP9 support included? 3. If VP9 is not supported in hardware, is there software fallback? Do the iPad Air 2 and iPad...
  4. jakeuten

    AdBlock causing YouTube errors when trying to load videos in Safari

    I have a 2020 MBP and am noticing that when using Safari with Adblock enabled YouTube spits out errors when clicking on videos. When I disable Adblock, all is good. Has anyone else noticed this behavior and can anyone recommend a fix outside of using Chrome or Firefox? I prefer the battery life...
  5. mrsr71

    iPhone 8 not connecting to YouTube unless on WiFi

    My iPhone 8 will not connect to YouTube unless on WiFi. Anyone else have this issue or know how to resolve it? Thanks....
  6. AbielM16

    Youtube App on IOS 14 beta 5 is using microphone when just browsing subscriptions

    Just noticed they yellow dot when shows that the microphone is active atm will upload photos soon
  7. C

    MPB 13" Early 2015 - 4K @60fps works on Vimeo but not on YouTube (Google Chrome & FireFox)

    Hi, I have an Early 2015 13" MBP Retina and I cannot get 4K @60fps streaming on YouTube within the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or FireFox without almost all frames being dropped. The external monitor that I am using is a Dell U2720Q, and the specs for my MBP are attached in the...
  8. A

    Did they removed 2160p resolution option on YouTube app on iOS 14 Beta 4?

    Hi I just updated my iPhone to iOS 14 Beta 4 and I realised that I no longer able to play some YouTube videos at 2160p resolution. Only HDR videos are able to play at 2160p resolution. Is this a bug? Here’s the link to the video:
  9. AjTee

    Safari - method for 4K on YouTube

    Hello, I know that we can use Chrome for 4K videos on YouTube. I wonder if there is any way to watch 4K videos on YouTube on Safari? I mean any unofficial ways... Do you know about it? Regards, J.
  10. sherwinzadeh

    iPad Announcing "PiP-it!": picture-in-picture straight from the YouTube App

    Hey guys, I'm Sherwin, an indie developer, and I just wanted to announce PiP-it! iOS 14 brought a lot of attention by bringing picture-in-picture, a feature that's existed on iPad since iOS 9, to the iPhone. But many apps, like the YouTube app, do not enable this feature. With PiP-it! you can...
  11. M

    iPad Ipad youtube alternative

    I am looking for an app for Ipad that can only show the kids the channels i am subscribing on my youtube on my phone.. is there anything like what I mentioned to control the the media they are watching? i hope my inquiry is clear and not twisted 😁
  12. E

    iMovie exporting to YouTube

    Can you tell me why my portrait video is small on YouTube when viewing on a mobile phone? I created a video on my MacBook Pro through iMovie. Once it finished uploading I wanted to watch it on my phone on YouTube. I click full screen and the video is tiny, like in a small box. How do I fixed...
  13. M

    iPhone How to watch YouTube videos and have a voice call at the same time?

    Hey all, when having a voice call on my iPhone (iOS 13.2) I can watch a YouTube/Netflix video at the same time and will be able to hear both audios (voice call and video). However, I figured out that for my friend this doesn't work on his iPhone (iOS 13.4). When we are having a call and he...
  14. Apple_Glen_UK

    YouTube Full Screen Issue

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" (Early 2015) and running Mojave 10.14.6. Often when watching anything on YouTube everything is working fine until I go full screen. As soon as I go full screen the time bar at the bottom remains visible the whole time and the controls do not work (i.e. I cannot slide...
  15. J

    MacBook Pro 16" fuzzy YouTube video on display?

    Testing a random 4k video (at bottom [0]) on YouTube on a MacBook Pro 16" full-screen in Google Chrome on OSX: In the below video, when I right click the video and check Stats for Nerds, I am seeing the Mac screen resolution (default out of the box) as 1729x1008: On the MacBook Pro 16"...
  16. V

    iPhone Airplay from Youtube is Broken on iPhone (screenshotted)

    I captured a video to show the behavior (follow the link above; this shows it failing on my iPhone and working on my iPad) This has been a problem for several versions of iOS13 now (strangely it works fine on iPadOS), and it is driving me insane. I tend to cast video from YouTube to my AppleTV...
  17. SuperDuperMan

    Want to Start a YouTube, Reddit, MacRumors, FaceBook and InstaGram Account BUT AFRAID OF DOXXING.

    Hello, kinda new to the forums, I definitely lurk a lot to read up on the new iPhones coming in a few weeks but anyhow, I'm wondering what you guys here on this forum have to say about privacy issues when it comes to doxxing? I want to start a youtube channel/blog in where I post daily; the...
  18. sunlit

    Watch Youtube on MacBook Pro - how?

    Hi Guys! Can you share your perspective on how to watch youtube on MacBook Pro (recent years' models, with wide gamut display)? The only browser that supports color management for Youtube videos is Safari. All the others like Chrome and Firefox only support it for still images. So you get...
  19. Appleuser201

    Is Linux still worth it on a G3? Anyone currently doing this?

    I know nothing about linux on intel or ppc... never used it, only seen videos about it. Ive seen threads posted here on linux and I am now wondering, A G5 quad is very fast on linux and G4s are actually quite usable (from videos ive seen), but can a G3 be made usable today for light...
  20. E

    YouTube playback choppy

    Not sure what I did but YouTube playback is very choppy on my iPhone now, any ideas on how to fix it? I’ve changed video quality settings, deleted and installed app, restarted phone and nothing. (Although sometimes restarting phone fixes problem for a bit but then it starts again) It’s very...