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Jul 8, 2013
ok, ive looked into this issue and have seen many threads (including here on MacRumors). almost all responses point to a battery issue. I have a 2011 Macbook Pro8,2 @ 2.3Ghz. About 2 months ago it started powering off randomly. as if you removed all power sources from it. As of recently the occurrence has become more common. my first thought was the battery as i had the original one that had about 360 cycles and 85% health at 5200mAh. i purchased a new battery from iFixit and installed and reset the SMC. the issue did not go away. it happened within 20 min of new battery install. the issue DOES NOT happen with the power cable attached. which, after installing a new battery and resetting SMC makes me think the logic board may have an issue.

any thoughts?


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Feb 17, 2016
The 2011 has to be the most problematic model ever.

Has there ever been a week in the past year that nobody on MacRumors reported an issue with the dGPU?


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Feb 4, 2011
Holy smokes. that explains why i have seen "pixel blocks" run across the screen on startups. i didnt think that would have even been related to it shutting off. thank you for the link. checked my serial and it shows my macbook is included in the repair program.

Bringing this thread back from the dead.

Just like to mention I just had this service done because I was getting pink screen. The service lists a "logic board" has been replaced. Previously I didn't get the "pixel blocks" issue at the start up but now I do! lol.

Also note sure if this was a missed step, but hopefully it was, in reseting the SMC after installing a new logic board but now I also intermittently get a "X" where the battery is and sometimes the battery just drains and doesn't charge.

I have an appointment tomorrow and the scrambled bar is pretty consistent now.
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Feb 4, 2011
2 logic boards later Apple also eventually replaced the top case and keyboard plus my maker battery with an apple battery.

Also they replaced the Bluetooth 4.0 module with the oem non Bluetooth 4.0 module lol. They also included oem 4 gbs of ram instead of my 3rd party 16gbs of ram.

Can't complain as I really just wanted to get it to working condition so I can sell it.
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