2019 iPhone Lineup Rumored to Include Two New OLED Models With Triple Lens Cameras


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Apr 12, 2001

In a fresh twist on recent iPhone rumors, Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara today reported that Apple plans to launch two entirely new 2019 iPhone models with triple-lens cameras, which would debut alongside internally updated versions of the current iPhone XR/XS/XS Max lineup.

Citing reliable sources in the Chinese supply chain, the report claims that the two new iPhone models would come with 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays and the previously heavily rumored triple-lens camera system.

The report goes on to suggest the two new models will have a thicker body to compensate for the larger camera module, so the 6.1-inch model will be around 0.15mm thicker than the existing iPhone XS, while the camera bump will see a 0.5mm reduction in protrusion.

Likewise, the body of the 6.5-inch model will supposedly be 0.4mm thicker with a camera bump reduced by 0.25mm, which equates to an overall 0.2mm thickness increase over the current iPhone XS Max.

Mac Otakara claims the two new models will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable and an 18 Watt USB-C power adapter, with an ability for the rear of the phone to wirelessly charge Qi-compatible devices like Apple Watch and AirPods 2 "likely."

In general, the rumor mill narrative suggests triple lens camera systems are a given this year, but most other leaks - from OnLeaks in particular - have implied that the three-lens camera won't be exclusive to any one iPhone, and certainly don't suggest it will be a unique feature of additional models in Apple's lineup.

Given the leftfield claims, today's report should be taken with a grain of salt, although Mac Otakara has provided accurate information on unreleased iPhones in the past, so it's possible there's something to it.

Article Link: 2019 iPhone Lineup Rumored to Include Two New OLED Models With Triple Lens Cameras

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Jul 12, 2016
That mock up with the camera set up on the back looks way to obtrusive. I mean, I gather we don’t really look at the back of our iPhones, and most use cases, but that design element looks oddly off-putting. Hopefully the final product doesn’t look exactly like that.
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Feb 9, 2016
The least I expect from these overpriced iPhones is the introduction of USB-C port for faster data transfer to PC. But it would really be a huge shame if they stick to antiquated Lightning port which can’t even do USB 3 speeds. They did it with last year’s iPad Pros why not with iPhones this year? How much fragmentation do we need in Apple land?


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Apr 10, 2008
Wonder if Apple will switch to aluminum back, given their failure with the chargining mat.

Yea you can use any third party wireless charger, but it takes forever; beats the purpose
Not if you charge your phone overnight, then it doesn’t really matter how long it takes. I don’t understand why so many people don’t charge their phones overnight, I mean it’s just laying there while you sleep, why not have it charging?


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Jul 16, 2013
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I don’t understand the need for an internally upgraded XS/XR line which is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the new model. CPU gains are very minimal, so what features would it enable?

I bet it’s just the usual: new models with the current gen sold a a lower price.


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Let's put this in some perspective. Apple has been touting OLED for many years. They have invested in at least 3 companies to progress the tech and develop the production capacity. Only in 2019 will we see critical mass of OLED based products.

Now fast forward to LTE5 ubiquity. Give it at least 3 years and given late in year product cycles for Apple, let's say Motorola 2019 with an external dongle, to 2022 wtih Apple delivering a fully baked solution with crash test dummy versions preceeding that.
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May 23, 2011
Doesn’t aluminum interfere with the wireless signal for charging? Isn’t that one of the reasons why Apple chose glass for wireless charging capabilities.
That's my point, the whole song and dance with going to all glass was for wireless charging. Now that they failed in that department, shouldn't they switch back to aluminum back? Much more durable and my gosh, so much lighter!


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Apr 2, 2008
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I believe this. Apple can sell the higher end iPhones with cool features and USB-C, while keeping the other iPhones fairly similar to last year’s.

It’s smart honestly. Have a whole spectrum of options / price options, but have the most dramatic changes be the most expensive.


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Jul 16, 2014
They are actually suggesting 2019 will see the following new iPhones:
- iPhone XR 2
- iPhone XS 2
- iPhone XS Max 2
- iPhone X1
- iPhone X1 Max
That's if I read the article correctly.
You read it correctly and I think it is wrong. Why would they release 5 new models this year? What's the point in updating the Xs and Xs Max and release two similar models with triple camera?
More likely they'll have Xs and Xs Max at lower price points, the Xr (maybe an updated version) and those two new flagship models.