Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'You Will See Us Do More in the Pro Area'


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Mar 18, 2009
Maybe TC took some MiraLax to unclog his pipeline.
I guess this gives me some hope, but I kind of worry about the possible changes Cook has in mind for the Mac.

Please, please, please, keep them separate. The Mac OS has already had some crappy changes to make it more iOS like, such as iTunes. I would hate to see the two merge.
Unless he's outright lying, this line really makes it sound like they have no plan to merge the two:

"To merge these worlds, you would lose the simplicity of one, and the power of the other."


Jun 3, 2015
Basically guys, there's no need to worry.

Yes a few products are pretty long overdue a spec bump, and the platter drives have long overstayed their welcome, but Apple are in a significantly stronger position now than they were in 2011 — and I don't just mean financially.

A new Mac Pro every year since 2011 would have paled in comparison to their current achievements with in-house chips and so many other things. It's not to say they couldn't have done both, of course! But it's sometimes good to take a step back and see the larger picture.

Rest assured, the new Mac Pro/Mac Mini will come; hopefully along with a more consistent silent hardware upgrade cycle! :)
I wish I can believe that. If Apple is planning to use ryzen, I will forgive Tim Cook.


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Nov 23, 2011
Your priorities ARE elsewhere. It's not speculation. Apple failed the creative pros long ago by simply not releasing products. People switched to Linux and Windows.
Funny, as none of the creative pros I know of would touch Linux or Windows with a bargepole. That's because most creative pros just sit down do their work with a familiar OS and solid hardware/support, rather than whine on message boards. Fancy that.

Sure, you can point to data-intensive computing applications and week-long rendering processes. But those people never used Apple products for the grunt of the hardware work anyway, only for the front-end stuff.

Yes, a new Mac Pro would be jolly nice and an update is well, well overdue. But to say that most people have already jumped ship just simply isn't true.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Tim Cook said:
has plans to "do more" in the pro area..
& countless thousands of people have plans on bailing Apple if this doesn't pan out.

2017 is the year of reckoning. Patience has been drawn too thin. If golden eggs don't drop this year, the flock is gunna fly the coop. The omen has been written on every website that mentions the word "Mac".


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Jun 2, 2010
In order for this statement to be significant, Tim would first have to acknowledge that simply slapping the "Pro" name on something does not make it a pro product. It doesn't seem like Apple is in touch with how pro users actually use their computers, especially.

In my case, I typically buy a MacBook Pro on a three-year cycle. I bought a mid-2014 MacBook Pro; so, if I stick to the cycle I've had since 2008, I should be buying a MacBook Pro in a few months. Except for the fact that I don't want to buy the latest iteration of the MacBook Pro. For me, the Touch Bar is only a gimmick. It doesn't save me time -- which is what it has to do in order to be beneficial to me. In fact, it could very well cost me more time if I used it because I would have to take my eyes off the screen.

The biggest reason I won't be buying the latest iteration of the MacBook Pro? Dongles and adapters needed for nearly every peripheral I plug into my computer everyday. To raise the price $200.00 over the previous model was bad enough. To raise the price $200.00 AND design the computer such that most people who have common peripherals can't even plug them into the computer without spending more money on adapters is absolutely insane. The latest MacBook Pro was a little too crazy and a little too foolish, in my opinion.

The new MacBook Pro may indeed cause the computer industry to look to the future; but that doesn't help me get my work done more easily today -- which is what I'm primarily concerned about.


Feb 17, 2009
I'm uncomfortable with how willing people are to deny presented information to maintain the Apple-hate narrative in their heads, and go as far as accuse the CEO of bald-face lying.
I'm uncomfortable with the FACTS.

There is a long list of MIAs in the PRO area Apple released. The iPad PRO doesn't replace Macs and the 2016 MBP does not deserve that word in it!

No mini (Agree with others = DEAD) , Mac Pro, iMac long in the tooth etc.etc.

Servers, displays, airport all discontinued.

And, I am an Apple fan, but objective.


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Feb 24, 2011
For some unexplainable reason I just don't trust this guy...

My guess is that he'll take a bunch more consumer level products and just slap a Pro at the end so that hey can charge more for it. Pencil Pro. Watch Pro. iMac Pro. Leather Case Pro. iPhoto Pro. (That last one is a joke because everyone knows Apple has zero intention on ever ever updating the photo app ever again)

thats all folks

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Dec 20, 2013
Austin (supposedly in Texas)
I love how you blame Tim. Even under Jobs the Desktop was rarely updated.
2003 PowerMac 7,2
2004 PowerMac 7,3
2004 PowerMac 9,1
2005 PowerMac 7,3 update
2005 PowerMac 11,2
2006 Mac Pro 1,1
2007 Mac Pro 2,1
2008 Mac Pro 3,1
2009 Mac Pro 4,1
2010 Mac Pro 5,1
2013 Mac Pro 6,1

going back further, between 1999 and 2002, 5 updates to the Powermac G4