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Aug 17, 2016
Never had this issue with my X or any other iPhone using the issue tied to one carrier perhaps?


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Jun 29, 2014
=== Nowheresville ===
Never noticed this with my X but 11.25 and lower a call would come through and despite my best efforts I couldn’t slide to accept.

Seems to have been ‘cured’ in 11.3 PB but won’t speak too soon just in case!
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Oct 29, 2013
Ive had this issue for years. It was worse on my 5s than it is on my X (I've only had a 5s and X). On my 5s I would get a call coming in and my phone wouldn't even ring until about 2 seconds left for the ring, so I got a quick 2 second ring and by the time I so much as looked at it, it had gone to voicemail as if I had missed the call.
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Aug 17, 2016
Ive had this issue for years. It was worse on my 5s than it is on my X (I've only had a 5s and X). On my 5s I would get a call coming in and my phone wouldn't even ring until about 2 seconds left for the ring, so I got a quick 2 second ring and by the time I so much as looked at it, it had gone to voicemail as if I had missed the call.

Have you checked for missed carrier updates:


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Mar 27, 2009
I have had this issue on my X. Didn’t realize it was beyond me. It shows up on my iwatch, but not the phone.
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May 12, 2017
Los Angeles
I do have this problem. The only fix I have for this is to restart the phone and it’s good for a month.
It starts from 2-3 seconds and if I don’t do the reset, it goes up to 10-12 seconds in about a week.


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Jan 27, 2016
Probably a network-related issue.

I have two iPhone 7s side-by-side that call me at the same time when I'm away from my desk phone. Same provider, and thusly, the calls should be delivered to each network within 10-20 miliseconds of each other.

Generally speaking, the Sprint phone will take one full, additional ring versus the AT&T phone. Once the Sprint phone is warmed up and stuck on 3G mode, it'll generally ring at the same time.

I also notice that the Sprint Phone's display will re-negotiate off of a LTE connection to a CDMA connection before it starts to ring. T-Mobile however, which has VoLTE deployed, will ring nearly instantaneously. Also, Sprint doesn't seem to support off-network HD-Voice service. Calls picked up on the sprint line always drop down to uLaw or legacy audio.

Seems that different carriers require different services for calls to connect. I'm setting up a XFinityMobile service next week so I can test Verizon's coverage. The lack of HD-Voice and re-negotiation of legacy audio from Sprint is annoying. Once Sprint's "One Year Free" plan expires, I'll be switching to something else.
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Jan 8, 2011
New Zealand
I have this exact issue on a regular basis. It's usually when the phone is face down or in my pocket – picking it up I end up waiting for the screen to turn on. Usually ~2 sec or so. It always works eventually, but is oddly anxiety inducing...


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Mar 7, 2012
Boston, MA
I've had similar experiences on iPhones for years now. Call comes in, but the touch controls completely freeze up - I can't hit accept, decline or anything until the caller goes to voicemail or hangs up. Then the phone returns to being normal.
This has been a common occurrence for me on iPhone 6 and 6S (current phone).
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Apr 23, 2009
I have had some messages delayed hours and days with AT&T in Miami.

The Financial Times today highlighted a limited number of reports from users experiencing delays with incoming phone calls on the iPhone X. Apple later confirmed to MacRumors that it is "looking into these reports."


The report, which links to a few discussions on the Apple Support Communities, notes that hundreds of customers have complained that the iPhone X's display experiences delays in turning on for up to 10 seconds during incoming phone calls, preventing these users from tapping the Accept or Decline buttons.

Indian blog PiunikaWeb rounded up similar complaints on the Apple Support Communities in January, but it appears affected iPhone X owners have been experiencing this issue since shortly after the device launched in November.

Based on what we've read, it appears that affected iPhone X units begin ringing when they receive a phone call, but the display does not turn on to show the caller ID or Accept and Decline buttons for a brief period--sometimes even longer than 10 seconds--which typically results in the call being missed.

The issue doesn't appear to be fixed in the latest iOS 11.2.5 software update, and based on the complaints, it would appear that all versions back to at least iOS 11.2 are affected. Earlier versions of iOS 11 could be affected too.

MacRumors hasn't been able to reproduce this issue, and we've seen only a handful of comments on our discussion forums related to the matter, but we did find a dozen more complaints from users across Twitter and Reddit.

Apple is likely collecting data from affected customers so that its engineers can investigate the matter, as it routinely does with any potential hardware or software issues, so contact Apple Support if you are affected. The issue likely can and will be addressed in a future software update.

Apple has dealt with a number of iPhone X hardware and software issues in recent months, some more widespread than others, including a defect causing green lines to appear on some displays, temporary unresponsiveness in cold temperatures, and the rear-facing camera failing to autofocus.

Last week, reports broke that Apple has decided to delay some new features planned for iOS 12 until next year so that it can double down on the performance and quality of the iPhone and iPad operating system in the near term.

Article Link: Apple is 'Looking Into' Limited Reports of Incoming Call Delays on iPhone X


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Jul 20, 2016
not america
I haven’t seen this on my X. 256 gig Verizon. 11.2.5.

have not seen this issue on my X yet as well but that is because no one calls me at all and since the day i got this phone until now, my total call time is 2 mins with those 2 mins about me calling my voicemail to set it up so i can listen to the voicemail that i had. im so lonely man, somebody just call me


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Dec 14, 2007
I've had my phone become unresponsive from time to time. Maybe a call was coming in...


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Apr 25, 2015
Rural Southern Virginia
I’ve had calls go directly to voicemail on several occasions over the years, with my 6, and maybe a previous phone. No ring, no indication of a call.

Just bought a X and switched from at&t to Verizon. It’s only been a week, so can’t comment on whether or not it’s fixed. It will be interesting to see if the problem resurfaces. At the moment, at&t tops my list of suspects.
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Aug 11, 2003
I have that problem with my iPhone 7 and I thought it was just AT&T. I have my desk phone forwarded at my office to my iPhone and my desk phone beeps once on an incoming call when it is forwarded. It can take 7-10 seconds before the iPhone starts to ring after that beep. If the iPhone X adds another 10 seconds to that, wow.


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Oct 24, 2014
Sounds like a software issue if rebooting the phone restores functionality until it happens again. Curious if touch input still work if they hit accept or reject where they would be if the screen was on.
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