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Apr 12, 2001

With Apple Pay enabled through an update to iOS 8.1 earlier today, users are now able to use Apple's payments service in a variety of retail locations. Apple's Apple Pay launch partner McDonald's is one location that's already accepting Apple Pay payments, as demoed in the video below.

Making an Apple Pay purchase is so simple that giving a food order becomes the most lengthy part of the ordering process. As seen in the video created by YouTube user John Ross, McDonald's payment systems are set up to accept contactless payments.

Ross, who is using an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1 installed, makes his order and then his credit card (stored within Passbook) opens automatically as he nears the payment terminal. While holding a finger on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, he holds his phone near the point-of-sale system to make the payment for the food. It takes a couple of tries as the cashier appears to forget to press a button, but once a payment is ready to be accepted, it took only seconds for Ross to make the payment.

After the payment was accepted by McDonald's, the Passbook screen displayed a check mark and there was a confirmation beep to let Ross know his payment had gone through. The transaction data was also displayed directly on the Passbook screen after payment was made.

During the transaction, at no point did the cashier see Ross's card or his name, and his card number (replaced with a unique Device Account Number in Passbook) was not stored by McDonald's, keeping the transaction completely private.

Apple Pay is limited to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in retail locations as it requires the NFC chip built into those devices to function. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with the iPad mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 will be able to make purchases in participating apps, however, and when it is released, the Apple Watch will be able to be used in retail stores to make Apple Pay payments.

Article Link: Apple Pay With iPhone 6 Demoed in McDonald's Purchase


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Jun 16, 2012
That video was so awkward, how he was standing there with his phone out waiting to pay lol. So much time saved, right. :rolleyes:


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Aug 17, 2009
cash would've been faster....

Not if the server hadn't forgot to press a button. Once she pressed the button it was instant.

It works just like NFC payments in Europe, and they're a lot quicker than messing around with cash.


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Jun 15, 2013
I thought we didn't even need to have the phone unlocked. Maybe he just did it that way to see the processing. But with phone locked you'd just wave the phone that you're carrying anyway. This is a time saver as opposed to getting my wallet out, finding the card, pulling card out, signing, putting card back in wallet, wallet back in backpack or pocket. I'd rather just wave phone.


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May 3, 2011
Upper Midwest
For me, it's more about having access to my payment methods without carrying around the cards than it is the speed of handing over cash or swiping a card vs. paying with :apple:Pay.


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Oct 23, 2010
Both me and a co-worker tried out Apple Pay at McDonalds a few ours ago. It just worked like a charm. it was dirt easy. Cash would definitely not be faster. Card would not be faster.


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Mar 31, 2010
cash would've been faster....

I went out for a bicycle ride today without my wallet and no cash. Just me, my bike, and my phone. Stopped at a vending machine and purchased a drink with Apple Pay. It was quite liberating.


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Jun 23, 2010
It's not about speed, people. For those of us who don't like to carry a lot of cash, it's about security. As a victim of identity theft (twice) I'm more than excited to have :apple:Pay.
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