Apple Says Latest macOS Supplemental Update Addresses Audio and Kernel Panic Issues on 2018 MacBook Pro

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    Apple on Tuesday released macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Supplemental Update 2, exclusively for 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models, but the release notes only mention improved stability and reliability.


    When contacted by MacRumors for clarification, Apple said the Supplemental Update improves system stability and reliability across a number of areas, and addresses several issues, including crackling audio and kernel panics. Apple said it recommends all users install the update on their MacBook Pros.

    The 1.3GB update hasn't been available long enough yet for any conclusive evidence from affected users, with mixed reports across the Apple Support Communities, Reddit, and our own MacRumors discussion forums.

    Apple Support Communities user takashiyoshida, for example, claimed his MacBook Pro "no longer outputs the crackling noise" after updating.

    "This evening, I set the microphone and speaker's sampling format to 44100 Hz and began playing back music on iTunes," he explained. "Before the update, I would normally hear the noise in about an hour. I left my MacBook Pro to play music for about three hours and so far I am not hearing any noises."

    Reddit user onceARMY, however, commented that he was "still getting audio crackling noise while playing YouTube content on Safari." He did note that there were "no issues with the Spotify app" after installing the update.

    As far as kernel panics are concerned, a handful of users have reported experiencing at least one since installing the Supplemental Update.

    "Installed today's update... and then it happened," wrote MacRumors forum member King724, referring to a kernel panic. He shared a log indicating a system crash related to bridgeOS, the device firmware on the logic board that controls many functions on the 2018 MacBook Pro, including the Apple T2 chip.

    Last month, Apple said it was looking into a small number of indirect reports about the kernel panics, but wouldn't say if the T2 chip was to blame.

    Similar reports of kernel panicking began last year with the iMac Pro, which is also equipped with the T2, so it did--or perhaps still does--seem to be a potential issue with the chip, or the bridgeOS firmware that manages it. There was some speculation that the T2 chip was also to blame for the crackling.

    For context, the T2 chip integrates several previously separate components, including the system management controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller. It also features a Secure Enclave coprocessor for secure boot, encrypted storage, and authenticating Touch ID.

    Prior to yesterday's Supplemental Update, Apple support representatives provided customers with a wide variety of potential solutions to mitigate these issues, ranging from disabling FileVault to turning off Power Nap, but none of the workarounds appeared to permanently fix the problems.

    Apple also asked some customers if they would be willing to send in their MacBook Pros so that its engineers can look into the issues. Some customers were apparently told that fixes were in the works, and at least based on what Apple told us, they are included in the Supplemental Update.

    This is the second macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update for the 2018 MacBook Pro in as many months, with the first addressing a bug that contributed to excessive throttling of clock speeds under heavy thermal loads.

    The Supplemental Update is not available to macOS Mojave users, but the issues could be resolved in future beta versions.

    Article Link: Apple Says Latest macOS Supplemental Update Addresses Audio and Kernel Panic Issues on 2018 MacBook Pro
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    Does this also address the kernel panics I've been getting on my 2016 MBP w/TB? Every time I zoom in and out on Google maps I get it.
  3. OldSchoolMacGuy Suspended


    Jul 10, 2008
    No. The article clearly says 2018 MacBook Pro. If your model isn't mentioned, this update doesn't cover it. Pretty plain and simple.
  4. centauratlas macrumors 65816


    Jan 29, 2003
    It states it is for 2018 MBPs. I don't have a 2016 to test.
  5. iPhone7s macrumors member

    Mar 6, 2014
    My 2018 MBP encountered a "bridge OS" kernel panic this morning. So then I installed the update. Not even an hour later it happened again. I've had 8 of these happen since owning the product. So disappointing.
  6. RumorConsumer macrumors 6502a


    Jun 16, 2016
  7. thadoggfather macrumors G4


    Oct 1, 2007
    I haven't followed, but that sucks.

    aside from potentially software being screwy why the 2018's?

    Apple won't fess up but seems like the T2's indeed. The rest is just a vanilla Intel architecture overhaul.
  8. fokmik macrumors 68040

    Oct 28, 2016
    So, if Apple statement is this..then, since the users still having the same problems...its official somehow that is also an hardware problem
  9. WoodpeckerBaby macrumors 6502


    Aug 17, 2016
    It's T2 hardware issue, there is no patch possible without letting Intel CPU take over some of the tasks, which compromises the performance.
  10. ghostface147 macrumors 68030


    May 28, 2008
    I've been lucky with my 2018 MB Pro. However I don't play youtube for hours on end.
  11. DeanLubaki macrumors 6502a


    May 29, 2014
    I've been using Mojave on my 2018 MacBook Pro for a month now and not a single kernel panic.
    I wonder if it's because of a patch or because I clean installed it.
  12. JPack macrumors 68040


    Mar 27, 2017
    Seems like Apple is throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

    It's a patch that doesn't seem to fix what it's supposed to fix.
  13. dan9700 macrumors 68030


    May 28, 2015
    Unbelievable with this patch i got the crack hiss problem it has not been resolved im pretty sure it is hardware related and for £3300 i cant even play audio without problems
  14. Wags macrumors 65816

    Mar 5, 2006
    Nebraska, USA
    Well at least a real confirmation.
    Posters here have been in recent contact with engineers so doesn’t sound like really addressed/fixed. If any soon to be released hardware has T2 chip it’s going to get ugly.
  15. CrazyForCashews macrumors 6502

    Apr 1, 2018
    Ever since Apple redesigned and updated the MacBook Pro in 2016, there's been nothing but bad news and problems with them. Even more infuriating is how expensive these laptops are. At this point, the redesigned MacBook Pros have a tainted image that I certainly don't want to be a part of.

    Get your **** together Apple, making great laptops should be child's play for you. Lay off the iPhone green for a while and sober up.
  16. CerebralX macrumors 6502


    Jun 28, 2013
    Looking for a place of freedom and rationality
    It doesn't mean that there weren't fixes for the 2016 models... They don't list every single piece of code they've updated.
  17. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    AT this point the iPhone doesn't really need much marketing ... just the services, App Store highlights and iOS.

    The seemingly large sales of the 2018 MBP should ... SHOULD determine more focus on hardware, firmware, and software quality. We really need a more experienced and passionate head for macOS ... keeping development and focus separate from iOS. Using one lead for both, Federighi, is not only an insult to the macOS users, but also contradictory on all replies the past few years that there is NO plan on combining iOS + macOS.

    Really dumb to just port over 'Stocks' to macOS. It's already in notifications bar ... so create a full out app not simply port lessor apps over. Grrr.
  18. laz232 macrumors 6502

    Feb 4, 2016
    At a café near you
    since the update my system folder is 85GB - anyone else get sudden macOS bloat? TM is disabled
  19. adamjackson macrumors 68000

    Jul 9, 2008
    My 2018 was rebooting every night after a kernel panic. I've started just shutting it down. today I came into the office, it didn't reboot over night. so just one day of data but already looking good. I never read the logs to confirm if it was bridgeOS.
  20. TheMacDaddy1 macrumors regular

    Aug 17, 2016
    The 2108 Throttlebook Pro has gotten off to a terrible start. Worse when you consider it builds upon the controversial 2016/17 Mabook Pro to begin with.

    Apple just needs to end the Mac because they seriously do not care about it.
  21. SoyCapitanSoyCapitan macrumors 601


    Jul 4, 2015

    Even if that was remotely possible it only takes a few megahertz to manage sound output, as anyone over 40 knows.
    --- Post Merged, Aug 29, 2018 ---
    Empty all your cache folders.
  22. RumorConsumer macrumors 6502a


    Jun 16, 2016
    I’m in my 30s and I know that!
  23. lsbuffs macrumors regular

    Feb 5, 2009
    While I was reading this thread, responding to an iMessage in the quick reply feature, that reply hung and the computer shut off. I was finally able to get it to reboot and see the below log.

    This is on a 2018 13 in MacBook Pro and is the second Bridge OS crash I've experienced in the last 8 hours. I posted details on that one in another thread, but seemed to be related to the sleep/wake. Both have occurred after installing yesterday's supplemental update. I don't recall a crash before that supplemental.

    Today is 15 days since purchase, so I'm one day past my return window.

    {"caused_by":"macos","macos_system_state":"running","bug_type":"210","os_version":"Bridge OS 2.4.1 (15P6805)","timestamp":"2018-08-29 18:33:34.50 +0000","incident_id":"7CE51A17-C3E0-4280-B609-9BDADABF7D6D"}
    "build" : "Bridge OS 2.4.1 (15P6805)",
    "product" : "iBridge2,4",
    "kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 17.7.0: Fri Jul 6 19:25:51 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4570.71.3~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8010",
    "incident" : "7CE51A17-C3E0-4280-B609-9BDADABF7D6D",
    "crashReporterKey" : "c0dec0dec0dec0dec0dec0dec0dec0dec0de0001",
    "date" : "2018-08-29 18:33:34.40 +0000",
    "panicString" : "panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff00b773984): macOS watchdog detected\nDebugger message: panic\nMemory ID: 0x6\nOS version: 15P6805\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 17.7.0: Fri Jul 6 19:25:51 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4570.71.3~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8010\nKernelCache
  24. tkermit macrumors 68040


    Feb 20, 2004
    /s (I hope)? I simply want them to start caring again. Hire more people. Or different ones. Or whatever is needed to right this ship.
  25. MaximizedAction macrumors member

    Sep 17, 2012
    Used to get crackling speakers in bootcamp after a couple of minutes, and audio lag with wired headphone in bootcamp too before this update.
    After the update, the crackling takes several minutes to appear. The laggy audio with headphones is still there, but somehow took a minute to appear.

    Also, took the LatencyMon test again; alas, still getting red:


    So all potentially fixed bugs aside, the most annoying one to me was not. :(

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