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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming macOS Monterey 12.1 update to developers for testing purposes, with the new software coming two weeks after the third beta and a month after the official release of macOS Monterey.


Registered developers can download macOS Monterey 12.1 beta profile through the Apple Developer Center and after the appropriate profile is installed, the beta will be available through the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences.

macOS Monterey 12.1 brings SharePlay to Macs for the first time. SharePlay is a new feature that's designed to let you watch TV, listen to music, and play games with friends and family members over FaceTime.


SharePlay allows all kinds of apps to work with FaceTime, with content synced for all people who are part of the FaceTime call. You can listen to music with Apple Music and access shared playlists, watch synced TV shows and movies together, work out together, and even share your screen for things like group trip planning or device troubleshooting.

Apple designed SharePlay to work with first-party app options like Apple TV, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Music, but there's also an API for developers so third-party apps can also use SharePlay FaceTime features for games and other experiences.

SharePlay is already available in the release versions of iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and tvOS 15.1, so the Monterey 12.1 update brings Macs in line with other Apple devices.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of macOS Monterey 12.1 to Developers [Public Beta Available]
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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
I really hope they fixed the gamma bug caused by beta 3 on M1 iMac, had several instances that were reported.

Checking status , Apple had more then 10 other similar reports - potential fix identified for future OS update

Hope its incorporated
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Oct 25, 2016
gentrification fallout zone
Yeah it's been horrible... I'll swipe one way and it'll go another.
Oh, that's interesting. For me it just doesn't work at all if certain apps are focused. Like, a few Apple first-party apps (Safari, Finder) can swipe, but not Xcode or nearly anything third-party, and not Safari in full-screen.

hela busticated, hope this is on their radar
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Feb 16, 2021
Mac OS is becoming the least of my preferred OS-es.
I just got a PC - installed windows 11.
I prefer it to Mac OS - it’s not better at all - it’s less aggressive to my eyes and I find myself less tired after doing some tasks on it.

Mac has the best apps- for me.
But I completely lost the taste for the over saturated eye straining experience on the Mac.
And share play - seriously? Where’s the feature that most of people would actually use? Seamless integration with iPad??


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Oct 9, 2015
western NY
I guess this makes the article from an hour or so ago obsolete…
I hope tap to click is fixed, I will download the public beta ASAP, but if that is not fixed, I’m gonna roll back to Big Sur.
Been on the public beta since July but this bug introduced recently has been driving me nuts
Same. I've been using macOS betas for as long as the public beta program has been around, and nothing has ever frustrated me quite like this tap to click issue has.

(13" M1)
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