Apps That Save Money At Restaurants

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by KoolKard, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Dec 23, 2015
    I just wanted to share a few apps that can save you money at some of your favorite fast food restaurants. A lot of restaurants are cutting back on mailing out coupons and turning towards offering discounts via their app. The good thing about a lot of app discounts is that they don't expire, and if they do the app is constantly updated with new deals. As I'm sure there are plenty out there, but some good ones that I use are McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell and Church's Chicken. I got a 2 piece with a biscuit and a side of mash potatoes for $2.29 with the Church's Chicken app. These apps come in handy as I find great deals weekly. I have provided the download links for these apps below if you are like me and want to save a buck. Cheers.

    McDonald's App
    McDonald's on the App Store

    BURGER KING® App on the App Store

    Taco Bell App
    Taco Bell on the App Store

    Church's Chicken App
    Church's Chicken on the App Store

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