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    Hello Macrumors!
    Idiocracy is very excited to announce that we are having a limited time closed beta on iOS starting this coming July for our first game, Pirates War - The Dice King, and we want players and developers to get involved and help us improve the game overall.

    Admiral D'Law Needs You
    We're using Testflight to beta test the game, so we need you to provide us with an email address so that we can send you the beta invitation. You can also contact us at beta@idiocracy.co.kr if you need more information about the game and the beta, or want to provide us with feedback when the beta is out. ​

    Apply here if you are interested

    What's this Pirates War game thing?
    Well, Pirates War is really a strategy game. But It is easier to think of it as Monopoly meets Hearthstone meets Pirates. Here you can check out the main menu.

    We put together the best aspects of property trading games (purchase lands, upgrade them and collect taxes) and card collecting games (Deck building and card battles) to create a fun, more dynamic game-play experience. So long boredom! We won't miss you.

    How does it play, again?
    This is the main map. The Islands of Tiakoke. Here is where all the magic happens. You have normal tiles that can be purchased and upgraded. They are your main source of income! Collect Doubloons from them to get richer! There are also special tiles that can help you through your journey, as well as special tiles that might give you lots of headache.

    What Game Modes are there?
    We're working on 3 main game modes for you.
    - A single Player campaign, where you experience the strangest adventures of the most interesting Pirate Captains in all of the seven seas!
    - A Multiplayer mode where you are matched against other random players from around the world.
    - A Friends Mode where you can play against your Facebook friends.

    So, why do I have to build a deck then?
    Other than purchasing, upgrading and collecting taxes from your lands, you will have to defend them against other Pirates' attacks. You can also attack other Pirates to pillage and/or capture their lands. That's where your deck will come into play. You can go for offensive, balanced or defensive builds. Depending on how you build a deck you will also get bonuses and skills to help you in battle!

    Here's a video!

    That's all folks!
    That's the basics of the game. The Beta test starts on July 8th and will go on until July 18th, 2016 (We had to change the original date). The game is slated to be released later this summer on iOS.

    Like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news!​

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    Beta request sent and confirmation email recieved.

    Looking forward to the beta release.
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    Jun 18, 2016
    Thanks! We look forward to having you!

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