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Dec 26, 2015
Hi All,

I just released my first pure Swift iOS app called Binged (3rd result on AppStore search currently).


This is my first ever iOS app, first time working on Xcode and Swift. I have Java & Web experience, no Obj-C background either.

I started around 4 months ago from scratch, reading blogs, watching videos, Youtube, StackOverFlow,, Stanford course on iTunesU. I still have a lot to learn. Working on this app was probably the most fun I've had in programming for quite awhile. Lots of learning, lots of re-writes, and some more learning. I had to get familiar with Swift syntax, CocoaTouch, pulling my hair out with auto-layouts and constraints and then StackViews. I probably re-did each view at least a dozen times. Worked with CoreData for local saves and then CloudKit for syncing and changes.

Version 1.0 functionalities:
  • Subscribe to show
  • Displays episode summaries and airdates
  • Mark episodes you've watched
  • Notifies you when an episode is about to air
  • Lets you know how many episodes behind you are
  • Ability to tweet or post to Facebook
  • Night Theme
  • Displays Casts of a show
  • iCloud Sync
  • And iPad Support!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Please check out my app on the AppStore: 'Binged'
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Dec 26, 2015
Hi. I pushed out Version 1.01, below are the changes! If you are having trouble with update, please delete and reinstall.

Version 1.01:
- Fixed some version 1.0 bugs, and should run smoother overall.
- Sorting! Ability to sort by show name, episode airing date, # of episodes missed.
- Hide Badge Icon. 999 episodes behind? Hide the badge icon in settings.
- Ability to change alert notification times. From 5 minutes before a show airs up to 6 hours.
- Ability to mark full seasons watched! No longer necessary to scroll through 596 Simpsons episodes to mark them watched...
- iCloud Sync toggle. Back up all your shows to the cloud!
- Changed # of days till next episode font color (gray) to distinguish from # of episodes behind.
- Ad Banner was getting in the way of Search results, so it has been removed from the search page.
- Added a + icon on Show subscribe page.

Bug Fixes:
- Casts for some shows were not fully downloading. To fix this, delete and re-download show.
- Highly annoying swipe back bug is now fixed.
- Fixed iCloud syncing issues.
- Another highly annoying bug; back button no longer working has been squashed.
- Older TV shows episodes without air dates, are now set to the season date and can now be properly marked as watched.
- Other various bug fixes

- Lowered iOS requirement from 9.3 down to 9.1.
- Removed 'Binged' label from Icon.
- Slightly made circle button on subscribe page and episode # bigger.
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