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Apr 15, 2012
Great improvement. Add this to the nMBP and watch all those who are waiting for the real nMBP jump. Fix the graphics, fix the battery, (32 gig ram?) and add bluetooth 5 and all the skeptics will jump onboard.


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Nov 14, 2016
With the debut of Bluetooth 5, SIG's Bluetooth naming convention will drop all references to version and point number going forward, simplifying marketing.




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Mar 27, 2004
Eastern USA
The improved range would be cool, but I can't imagine how doubling the speed and quadrupling the range could be a good thing for battery life.


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Jun 5, 2011
So much for the yet-to-be-seen-in-the-real-world AirPods. And the Beats stuff. And the w1 chip. "And all that jazz."

31 Flavas

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Jun 4, 2011
Time to drop WiFi for Apple. Lets call it courage, right?
Samesung will be right behind to embrace and extend it, too! Maybe you'll begrudgingly admit that yea it's the future. But Apple was still totally wrong -- While you type #FireTimCook on a non-Apple laptop, tablet, or phone even thinner and lighter then today's Apple equivalent.


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Sep 10, 2013
Analysts are reporting that Apple is going to create their own standard called Firetooth C. Firetooth C will require a dongle to be used, even though it's a wireless technology. More will be revealed at this year's Macworld conference.

The dongle will just be a 15" antenna.

They'd have put it on-board, but you know... Courage and all.


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
4 times the range?!
So, a class 2 device would have 40 meters?
That means if I forgot the phone, I have to walk 40 meters instead of 10! :p


Back in early 2001 RedM had specific Bluetooth Routers that would extend a Class 1 bluetoth 2 EDR connection to 100 meters.

Red-M 1050AP Bluetooth Local Area Network Access Point
PicoBlue is their first access point product.
Bluetooth specification 1.1 qualified
Extended range of 100 meters (Class 1)
Bluetooth profiles LAP (LAN Access Profile) and DUNP (Dial-up Networking Profile)
Ethernet RJ-45 uplink (auto-sensing 10/100BaseT)
Supports 7 simultaneous users

Network Support
Automatic: DHCP
Remote: Telnet, HTTP, SNMP
Local: HTTP
Remotely upgradeabl

Bluetooth 128-bit link level encryption
Bluetooth_Address-based authentication
PPP client and server
Radius agent
Authentication protocols: PAP & CHAP

Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. and is focused on enabling Bluetooth and internet technologies for mobile data, voice and video services in the workplace.

Red-M 3000AS Access Server is a self-contained wireless server with the ability to provide a Bluetooth network infrastructure, enabling communication with and between a wide range of devices, including PDAs, laptops, PCs and mobile phones. As well as this The Red-M 3000AS access server provides central management of Bluetooth enabled devices, this includes access points and end points, the ability to roam between access points, and the ability to automatically route all communication to and from the devices wherever they connect to the Bluetooth network.

Red-M 1000AP Access Point allows large buildings to be Bluetooth-enabled to provide users with wireless access to Internet and intranet-based services. It claims coverage of up to 100m in open areas.

Red-M 1050AP Access Point offers that ability to extend LAN network services to devices such as PDAs and laptop PCs. The product provides users with wireless access to Internet and intranet-based services via a range of Bluetooth devices. It is designed to provide low cost mobility and has a range of up to 100m in open areas.
My concerns as well. More speed, more range, with devices getting thinner with smaller batteries, something's got to give...

THAT is why I'm thinking Apple is up to something with wireless push! I'd love for Tesla Coil's within Apple Campus 2 to feature WiFi over air as well as power of the air.

MBP's iPhones, iPads ... imaging walking into the office or your home or visiting Apple Campus 2 and your Apple device is automatically charging no harm to you. Did Tesla ACTUALLY design this yet never built it or just hearse?


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May 13, 2010
Washington, DC
Apple will add this to their products in 2025....
The iPhone was the very first device with Bluetooth 4...
So much for the yet-to-be-seen-in-the-real-world AirPods. And the Beats stuff. And the w1 chip. "And all that jazz."
BT5 has no bandwidth improvements, and no audio improvements. Those will come no, do your research before actin like you know better.
Always divide a new tech spec range and speed by 2 to get the real world performance.
I am just saying.
This is actual speed, as in response time, not bandwidth
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