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Mar 29, 2018
I think I have tried it all now...
Had all the latest updates to Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators update). Last night I wiped the computer macOS and windows, cleaned partitions and installed it all again, but this time I have a earlier version of windows 1703, Creators Updated.
And in both of the cases according to Windows Device Manager, right click update drivers, everything with bluetooth had the latest drivers.

I can connect my old Magic Keyboard and Mouse, no problem. I can also connect my Bose QC35s.

However I recently bought a Logitech MX Master 2S, MX Anywhere 2s and the new wireless Microsoft Surface keyboard. And non of them works... Also bought a ASUS BT 400 dongle.
They all show up when i search for new bluetooth devices.
Mouse scenario - I click pair, it tryes to pair for about 5-15 seconds then it says it can't connect and that I should try again. (I borrowed the previous version of MX Master and the same thing happened with it)
Keyboard scenario - I click pair, sometimes I get the passkey dialog, when I click the keyboard nothing happens and then after a while it asks me to reconnect.
Dongle scenario - It installs the drivers but then i get error code 10 , can't start the device...

They all, mouses and keyboard, connect fine with macOS High Sierra. I tried connecting them to macOS first and the windows as well but it was the same issues as before.

I have parallels but since I have a 13" 2016 Pro w/tbar the performance isn't enough for me so that's why I need to use bootcamp.
In parallels i tried the option to share bluetooth between windows and mac but that didn't do any difference at all. When i have windows booted with parallels and in windows search for bluetooth devices nothing shows up so can't pair there either.

Can someone please help me, I've spent to much time on this and I don't know what else to do...

So I found this:
And using this to search for LE devices to pair i find the mouse and keyboard as I do with the regular bluetooth search. Now however I can connect to the mouse and keyboard. The mouse is super laggy so i gave up with that and started using the logitech receiver instead.

The keyboard works but if I leave it for a while, not sure how long maybe 5-10 min, it doesn't work. Still says it's connected but doesn't recognise any input besides the Fn key which lights up when i press it. Then i have to, using the microsoft device pairing solution from github, run the app again, disconnect and connect for the keyboard to work.

So my conclusion of this is that there has to be an issue with low energy devices. Since my bose QC35s connects using regular BT but when i search for LE devices the headphones shows up. So if I somehow could connect the mouse and keyboard without LE then maybe it'll work. Not sure how I can achieve this though... I haven't found any info if it's possible to connect to the MX Master 2S or Surface Wireless keyboard without bluetooth LE
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