Can't Sign Into Apple ID

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    Jun 20, 2017
    So, I just bought a new iPad Pro 9.7" and when I went to activate it I signed in with my iCloud account as you normally would, then clicked "Allow" on my computer, then entered the code on the iPad. Then it said it failed. Currently the iPad Pro is on iOS 10.3.2, however when I'm able to log in I would like to update it to iOS 11 like my iPad Air.

    I then went to sign onto the Apple Developer account on my computer and it wouldn't let me sign in.

    I've had the same problem while verifying my phone number on iForgot, where even entering my number accurately won't verify.

    I can't log into the Apple Support Community or either on the web.

    Also when I go to iCloud on my phone or iPad Air on iOS 11 it says my Trusted Device List is unavailable.

    What I AM able to do is make purchases in the App Store on my iPhone, and I can listen to Apple Music on my computer. Any advice on what I can do?
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    It must be related to my getting prompted 5 times this morning that there was a problem with my iCloud account and having to reenter my password. Something's up, or down...
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    Seven times now. :-(

    It's losing its novelty...

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