iPad Pro Dear Apple, let us help you with your problem.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by imicca, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Perhaps you missed it - Apple bumped up prices for iPad due to shortages in flash memory. This is presumably due to lack or rare earth materials for production of NAND memory chips. Eventually, this would have happened sooner or later as the more people buy iPhones and smartphones with flash storage as a whole, the less there are materials left to make components from.

    There is $50 price hike in US and similar in UK and EU across iPad Pro's and it is a considerable difference.

    Here's what I suggest: Dear Apple, increase the trade-in value for older iPads that people would happily trade in and upgrade to newer ones. It would not only be fair but also encourage more recycling AND you'll get back more components directly instead of re-purchasing or acquiring old iPhones or iPads otherwise to decompose.

    We don't ask much, but let us help you with bringing you back your own devices with custom made flash storage so you'll repurpose them accordingly to meet customer demand in newer products.

    -Sincerely, Apple customer since 2010
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    It's odd that SSD or USB thumb drive makers haven't increased their prices.:rolleyes:

    Oh wait...The price went up in the beginning of this year on nand. So wtf Apple?
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    How do we know that that’s why the price went up?
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    What really happened is Apple was forced to put 64 gigs of memory in the base model of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X existing Apple customers to upgrade. This made the 256 gig model the next (and only level up). In order to ensure high average sale price and margins, Apple decided to charge a $150 price difference. Of course they hope that people will be forced to go with the 256 gig model since it has 4 times the memory, which may actually mean even higher margins than last year (along with the obviously high margin iPhone X).

    However, Apple could only justify the $150 price difference between the two models if they did the same with the iPad. So that's exactly what Apple did. In short, iPhone memory pricing influenced the change in pricing for the iPad.

    Sucks to be an iPad purchaser, but that's life in a first world nation.
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    I honestly can't find it within myself as someone privileged enough to live in a first world country enjoying the highest consumer tech available to complain about a minor price increase

    But you guys go ahead
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    it all starts and snowballs from a minor price increases.
    Apple does it -> others do it.
    I will be highly surprised if next Samsung or Google phone does NOT come at a higher price too.
    Not to mention that Apple completely disregarded difference between dollar and a pound.
    iPhone X 64 GB = 999 $ in US and £ 999 in UK. Which is absurd.

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