iPhone 8(+) Device with faulty logic board and not covered by recall

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cheesyappleuser, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Hey everyone,

    My iPhone 8 suddenly started to suffer from sudden restarts, and eventually it did not turn on for several hours. I checked the recall webpage for my device, however it displayed it is not covered by the programme.

    A few days later, I went to an authorised repairer (because no Apple Store exists in my country) for a diagnosis, which concluded the device is indeed plagued by a faulty logic board.
    The problem with this is that my phone is out of warranty, and was purchased in November 2017 in the US.
    Thus, the only way out is either to purchase a new phone, or make Apple recognise my device displays the same symptoms that resulted in the recall.

    How should I proceed? Is there any channel in the US (as my phone was bought there) that deals with such cases? Would it help to present my problem to an Apple Store (as I'm going to Austria in a few days)?

    Best regards,
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    first check if ur phone is bent, even so slightly it will cause that issue. then call apple and ask about coverage.
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    and an authorized store like that cant confirm a faulty logic board. Apple knows which serial numbers of phones had bad ones put in off the assembly line. best bet is to go into the store and talk to them about it and call apple on the phone. worst case they will let u trade in your phone towards the purchase of a newer one
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    That’s not the worst case. In non Apple countries the worst case is you’ll get 0 for your old phone.
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    Jan 27, 2018
    Unfortunately that’s a decision of the customer to take an apple product where there is no store or scope of support.

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