1. R

    Column of bright pixels on Macbook Pro 15" mid 2012 (non retina)

    I have a column of bright pixels on the display (1680x1050) of my Macbook Pro 15" mid 2012 (non retina). This is actually a wedge shape; 4 pixels wide at the top of the display, 1 pixel wide at the bottom. The original LCD started to die a few years ago (columns of dead pixels), so I replaced it...
  2. Iandaw1

    MacBook Pro 2017 touchbar screen no display but backlight still works

    The other day while using my computer the screen froze and the image gradually started to disappear from the outer part of the screen to the centre(took about 40 seconds to do so), but the computer was still running and the backlight still was(allthough only displaying a blank screen) i hard...
  3. cheesyappleuser

    iPhone 8(+) Device with faulty logic board and not covered by recall

    Hey everyone, My iPhone 8 suddenly started to suffer from sudden restarts, and eventually it did not turn on for several hours. I checked the recall webpage for my device, however it displayed it is not covered by the programme. A few days later, I went to an authorised repairer (because no...
  4. R

    Pencil connection fault

    Started out just two grey spots on the pencil but has become worse over time. Both 1 month old and now the iPad two light scuffs that match up with the two on the pencil(Clearly seen in the picture). Anyone else have this problem? Should I be worried?
  5. J

    iPhone heat issue

    hi everyone. My new iPhone 6 with full brightness is heating up where the ear speaker is. It is not hot but very warm there. This issue goes away when brightness is around half. Is this worth me fixing, it’s a very unusual place for heat? Thanks
  6. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone 5 or earlier Audio problems when using camera

    I have a bit of an unusual issue with my wife’s iPhone 5S. When filming anything on the normal outward view the audio is almost non-existent. If you turn the volume right up you can just about hear a faint muffled sound. However, the audio is absolutely fine for Voice Memos and when filming...
  7. R

    Why is iMac prone to freeze regardless of new HDD and fresh installation?

    I have a 20" model a1224. It's been stored (indoors) for years now while I have moved on. At some point (when already no longer the main computer) it started having occasional problems with freezing already right after startup. At some point it wouldn't boot at all or it would get stuck onto the...
  8. chenks

    iMac early 2009 - no power/signs of life

    I've acquired an iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 2.66 GHz (early 2009) which doesn't work. It has no power at all, does absolutely zilch. No lights, no fans, no sign of life at all. So I guess i'll be opening it up to see what the score is and try to troublshoot and fix it possible. So does anyone have...
  9. K

    iMac Pro iMac Pro Sleep Issues

    Hi, Is anyone else experiencing dirty shutdowns/restarts when putting your iMac Pro to sleep? I'm having to restore apps, files and browser windows every time I reawaken from sleep, or the same happens when I get back to the office in the morning and the computer has shut down completely over...
  10. C

    Resolved Strange Flcikering on nMP

    Yesterday I have changed my ups battery due to a fault. After powering up my nMP (6core - 2x D700 GPU) it showed a strange flickering effect on the bottom of the monitor (Asus PB278Q via hdmi) and than something like (it's not the real image, I have found it on the net for example and show)...
  11. Smeaton1724

    Airpods Pairing Issue - Only One Airpod Working At A Time (Solved)

    I got my airpods on 22nd December, everything working fine up to yesterday. Now only one airpod is shows up on my iPhone screen showing a battery percentage, more so L not showing, open the lid and the case always displays charge percentage on my iPhone screen. Same with audio, sound will only...
  12. aPple nErd

    iPhone 7 flaking?

    So i've had my 7 since launch day. I noticed while cleaning it today that there are several flecks on the anodized backing where it looks like the finish is flaking. See what you guys think
  13. JacksonCraig94

    iPhone 7 Plus Charging Issue!!

    When i start charging my iPhone 7 Plus my charger keeps making the charging noise as if it's been disconnected and re-connected again. It's been happening for a few days now. When i leave my phone on the side it charges fine. It only starts making the disconnect / connect sound when i'm using...
  14. 6

    Very strange hard-reboot behaviour!

    Had anyone else noticed this?: I'd love to hear your thoughts. This happens every time. The first time, I lost all App settings.
  15. Pedro724

    Space Grey Sport - Back corrosion

    I am about to get my 3rd SG SW in 13 months. My second one is going the same way as the first, starting to corrode. 3 things; 1) I am assuming its my sweat that is causing the corrosion - it started on the black apple logo - turning it white other characters followed then spread to the strap...
  16. antron81

    Macbook Pro Internal Keyboard Trackpad not working.

    Hi there, I have been scouring the net for a solution to my issue, and none of the responses have worked so I hoped I might be able to get some new advice. I opened the lid of my A1398 (2012 Macbook Pro 15" Retina, 256gb SSD) this morning and the trackpad and keyboard had stopped working. I...
  17. geekonthepc

    Is this iPhone battery faulty?

    Would somebody please take the liberty of telling me whether this iPhone battery is faulty? I've had this iPhone for 15 months now and the battery is dying at around 40%. This iPhone is on AppleCare+, something I decided was a good idea when the first iPhone I had became regularly faulty...
  18. S

    Does OSX corrupt External Hard Drive?

    I really don't understand what's wrong with my hard drives! Does OSX corrupt external hard drives? I have faced 4-5 hard drive failure in last 3 years after switching OSX. Lost so many priceless data. Now I regret using OSX. Is there any solution to it? Anyone else facing this?
  19. J

    PleaseHelp!...MBPr Black screen/chime heard/no response to various booting options

    Please advise if you think it could be the logic board/harddrive/SATA cable or another issue. Thanks in advance! MacBook Pro Retina 13" (Late 2013) Model A1502 C02LJ7G9FH01 500gb SSD Bought Nov 5th 2013 from Apple Store Sydney Australia Live in Uk Not under Apple care warranty Crash...