Eddy Cue Says He 'Disagrees Vehemently' With Those Who Believe Apple's Pace of Innovation Has Slowed

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    I think the feeling of lack of innovation, is the current saturation / maturity of markets that Apple is involved in. While we don’t have as many “One More Things” as we did in the past, quite honestly, neither has anyone else in the laptop, smartphone, or tablet market.

    While each side has had a few awesome “ticks” in the evolution of their devices, Apple is no different IMO. If anything, one thing they are doing awesomely at, but, not getting credit for, is their advances in making ARM architecture Silicon blazingly fast and efficient.

    You must not have been an Apple user when we transitioned from OS 9, to OS X. It took multiple releases (not patches) before some major bugs were resolved within that OS. In a similar note, there were plenty of bugs during the transition from PPC to Intel hardware. And even with these bugs, the release of iOS 11 doesn’t feel as buggy / issue prone as did iOS 7.
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    I’m sure from his point of view they’re still coming up with groundbreaking things. From over here we’ve had Face ID (which may be awesome!) in the last few years, but not a whole lot more, right?

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that they’re using a standard wireless charging system (my wife got a qi pad for $13 and works a treat), but even wireless had them waiting for ages and then didn’t really deliver anything tangibly betternorndifferent than the competition.

    This isn’t necessarily a criticism either. To expect Apple to invent soenthing grounbtrakingly new all the time is a fools errand. But it certainly is what it is. I don’t know the last thing Apple did that change my life in any tangible way that someone else hadn’t already done. In that sense people don’t see it as real innovation since it’s already out there.
  3. deany, Oct 16, 2017
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    Eddy apples innovation hasn't slowed....

    ...its just iphones that are forced to upgrade to iOS 11 that have slowed, like walking though treacle actually.
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    you're so "avant garde" that me... a long time Apple fan, who spent salaries (lol) in Apple products, is now considering an Android device. /sad
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    Even worse than the actual slowing down of innovation, is the over-the-top price increase on their products - especially here in Europe. The iMac, iPhone and particularly MacBook Pro are getting close to being prohibitively expensive.
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    Innovation is thrown around too much these days.
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    That's where we are missing Steve's innovative vision. Jobs' hesitance with Cook was that Cook is more of a supply-side guy rather than a products guy. Ives is an aesthetics guys and the last real tie to Jobs' innovative spirit. Once Ives leaves, then they will have lost both their innovative and aesthetics leaders. Cook will sink and Apple will become like Sony.
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    In fairness, the iphone is a once in a multigenerational event akin tot he PC and Mac
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    I think he‘s right. Apple only misses some brilliant storytelling qualities around its products like Steve Jobs was able to do so.
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    I've been using the Mac since 2006 and honestly I think the Mac is the best it's ever been. I can't really speak of their other product lines (though I do love my iPhone), but I really don't understand people who say Apple's innovation has slowed.

    I genuinely think a lot of people are here must be wearing some heavily rose tinted glasses, because honestly, I would not choose to go back to how Apple were say, 10 years ago. There's no doubt in my mind that things are better now than they were in the past.
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    Eddy, Eddy, Eddy. Does anyone even care what you say any longer? I certainly do not. :apple:
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    Maybe that is because there is no compelling story to tell.
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    That's his problem. If he was actually innovating he would say they weren't going fast enough.
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    Mar 25, 2017
    I stopped reading after the following comment: "He also believes that Apple's work on Mac, macOS, and iOS has led the market."
    I also believe I can fly .. unfortunately it's not possible :-/
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    Actually, I would say it does.
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    Oh, they made lots of advances on the MacBook Pro, just not the ones we wanted: they replaced those pesky old function keys with a very stylish blinky touch strip, simplified their ports to avoid confusion, and made them the thinnest laptops ever! You're welcome!
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    What better person to say this than Eddy Cue!
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    Inmovation for the new vocabulary hasnt slowed down, I see.
  21. Bacillus, Oct 16, 2017
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    Eddy, you fail to understand:
    While Apple only slew down, your area's came to a complete standstill (Apps, Services, Video Content)
    Or even moved backwards when it comes to quality (carpool caraoke, planet of the apps) and other truckloads of crap we wouldn't want to hear about...
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    I disagree. Macs, iPhones and iPads extremely developed over time. Watch might be on a good way even though I still don't like the look and feel of the product itself and the OS. TV also is progressing heavily. You currently just can‘t reinvent a phone, laptop or tablet. But you can compared them and their OS integration with the competitors, and here Apple is leading.
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    Executive disagrees with those that think he is doing a bad job. #Shocking :rolleyes:
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    Innovation slowed? Really? Have you not seen all the "cool" emojis that get released? Now thats innovation at its finest, Eddie!

    Adding a new model number after the same iPhone, year after year is not going to cut it at this rate....
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    If it's become so popular of an opinion, that you have to vehemently disagree publicly, that is evidence enough

    Sorta like "can't innovate anymore my---"

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