Fast-charging iPad Pros with new MBPs

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dukee101, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I know it's possible to fast-charge the new iPad Pros using Apple's 29w USB-C charging brick and Apple's Lightning-to-USB-C cable. But is it also possible to fast-charge the new iPad Pros by connecting them to a USB-C ports on a late-2016/mid-2017 MBP? Are the USB-C ports on the new MBPs capable of fast-charging devices, if the appropriate cable is used?
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    editing original...

    More research...
    With the Macbook Pro (15" 2016) and Macbook (13" 2016) four thunderbolt 3 ports:
    So you can charge up to two devices at 15w each, and two more at 7.5w each.

    Macbook Pro 13" (2016) with two thunderbolt prots:
    1 device @15w and 1 device @7.5w.

    I'm wondering what the max power delivery is if only ONE device is connected to any of those models.
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    If you're serious about testing, you can get what I use (or the equivalent) - - a USB-C power meter to determine exactly how much voltage and current is used to charge when connected to a MacBook Pro.

    I don't have one as it is - I'm not really sold on the touch bar - I'm waiting for both Force Touch and Haptic Feedback on the touch bar, things which I feel are necessary to properly replace the tactile feel of a keyboard.
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    Thanks for the link. I couldn't remember where I saw something like that lol. I ordered it. I might just take it to BestBuy and start plugging stuff in lol.
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    Another quick test is to burn the iPad down to around 30%. If it charges about 1% a minute it is fast charging.

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