Frozen Macbook & Bootcamp


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Sep 22, 2019
Good morning, just looking for some thoughts on my MacBook. So I have a late 2008 MacBook unibody, while it isn't fast, it's been fully upgraded including an SSD and works perfect for casual browsing and Netflix while at my Dr. Recently my old girl finally bit the dust (Dell D630C w/Windows10... Possibly bad gpu) so I put her in the basement and boot camped Windows 7 on my late 08 MacBook.

Windows 7 on it works great. Mac's make good Windows machines I guess, never was a fan of bootcamp until I needed it. lol! When I log back into El Capitan, it consistently freezes where the mouse doesn't even move. No issues in Windows, but El Cap is basically unusable. This isn't the first time I had problems with this machine and it freezing though. It would freeze randomly until I replaced the HDD cable, however, I don't know if that fixed the problem or if it was coincidentally not present for a bit.

Dosdudes patches work good on this machine, but I like official versions because all devices are fully operational. The most recent os that works flawlessly is HS, and Mojave works pretty good, but not great.

What are some thoughts? Should I try to install HS and see if that corrects the issue? Should I just make this a Windows machine? Will it boot into Windows on it's own if its the only OS? Will Win 7 drivers work on Windows 1