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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Jmkhoy, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Apr 4, 2018
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    I’m purchasing a new computer on Monday and was hoping to get some opinions and advice as to which model to buy. The computer will be used to run Logic Pro X and either Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. I was leaning towards the 5k iMac, however the portability of the 13 inch MacBook Pro with 3.1 gzh and the functionality of the touch bar is making me consider buying that instead. How well will the 13 inch MacBook Pro run logic and edit 4K video?
    I’ve never owned a desktop computer so using the iMac sat at a desk will be a completely new experience for me, and I’m unsure about how I will feel about the lack of portability. I do however have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which I mainly use for artwork, note taking and media consumption. Do you think this makes purchasing the 13 inch MacBook Pro kind of redundant? Could I still work on my music on the go by importing my logic arrangements into GarageBand on the iPad, and vice versa?
    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your replies!
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    To be honest, most people invest in a iMac & a MacBook to give them the best of both worlds. But if I was editing video I'd want to be using the iMac. The larger desktop/resolution and power of the iMac make it a no brainer of a decision.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    I would go with the iMac for long term video editing especially in 4K you will want this over the portable, the ability to upgrade ram is also very useful for your apps with a limit of 128gb in the iMac if needed.

    It sounds like your iPad will cover you for portable use, here are some tips for using logic with garage band on iOS.

    The logic remote app for iOS will probably be essential as well.

    In short if it was me it would be the iMac or a 15 inch MacBook Pro if a portable computer was essential.

    Do get an ssd equipped iMac, do not get an hdd or a 1TB fusion drive you will be disappointed.
  4. tomscott1988 macrumors 6502a


    Apr 14, 2009
    The fact is the 13" is a dual core and has integrated graphics, which ever way you look at it its hardly a pro machine and isnt overly powerful so doesnt really seem like a decent compromise anymore. All the 5K imacs are quads with dedicated graphics and you get the 5k display. Pretty much all of the imacs will run circles round the macbook but obviously you cant take it with you.

    TBH as a desktop competitor/replacement the 15" is a better option, for only a couple more hundred £ you get dedicated graphics, i7s as standard and a bigger display. Much better value for money when the 13" fully speced is well into the £2ks. The gem in the line up is the 15" 2.9 with 512gb SSD and RX 560 with 16gbs of ram. The are retailing for £2699 or £2289 in the refurb or £2389 on amazon. You get the portability within reason with most of the power.

    The issue with the 2017 models is the keyboards are super fragile and how useful is the touch bar?

    The ipad Pro still doesnt offer any of the pro programs you mention and is a glorified media consumption device that costs as much as a laptop. For the time being its no match for either the Macbook or the imac simply because it runs IOS. Although the pen functionality is amazing just a shame it runs IOS and it cant be integrated to the mac ecosystem in pretty much any way, like using it as a tablet for example the full version of lightroom by attaching it to a computer like a wacom etc Obviously there are IOS alternatives but non of them give the full power of a desktop app so as a pro its difficult to advice anyone to buy one over a laptop.

    Although the macbook isnt as powerful its is a bit of a dark horse, the i7 is within 10% of the 3.1 macbook pro and is a much neater package. Obviously comes with its own drawbacks like the single port and relative cost of entry vs the macbook pro. Looking at the 13" macbook pro it doesnt really add much over it, not much more powerful, integrated graphics less portable but has more ports which is the god send.

    TBH most pros will use both. As a compromise I have always had a lightweight laptop and a workstation. I used to have an 11" MBA maxed out and a Mac Pro. The MBA was stolen unfortunately so I switched over to the base macbook. I realized I dont really do any serious work on the road, more moving data, organisation and reviewing images (im a photographer), I can do that on the road and edit the odd image and then do the hard work once I get back to the desktop. The main downside is the single port and needing to have power to plug more than one device at a time which for me is a big headache. Otherwise its a good machine with the retina display, the size of an ipad, it can stand on its own so is great for media consumption, really great speakers and there is almost 0 penalty to taking it with you. The main benefit is it runs OSX so runs all of the desktop apps which is pretty much the deal breaker for me.

    The new machines should be released in June, the 13" is meant to be getting a quad core with integrated graphics and the 15" a hex core. All the iMacs will be hex cores too so for the same money you will get significantly more power.

    Im waiting out on the Hex imac to decide whether I buy an iMac pro or the iMac.

    If you can hold out it might be worthwhile for the 8 or so weeks.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    Trying to compare a 5k iMac to a 13" MacBook is like trying to compare a watermelon vis-a-vis an orange.

    They are two different things, except for the OS, they are very different.

    If you are going to be a heavy user of both audio and video applications, there really isn't much of a choice (as far as I can see).
    You want a high-resolution large-area display.

    Without one, working on such apps will be more bothersome.
    With one, such work will be much easier.

    The iMac has such a display.
    The MacBook Pro does not.
  6. tarsins macrumors 6502a


    Sep 15, 2009
    A high-spec MacBook Pro with a dock and an external monitor would be my recommendation. You could get the MacBook first and get the dock/monitor later if you find you need it.
  7. Karnicopia macrumors 6502

    Mar 27, 2015
    I'd say the 12.9 iPad and 13" MacBook Pro would be redundant. I picked up a 15" MBP and it pretty much killed my usage of the 12.9 IPP and the next iteration I went with the 10.5" because if I have room for a 13" tablet I'd usually rather use the MBP. So I'd go with the iMac and iPad Pro combination given what you have. It is nice having the screen real estate of the iMac and it will have plenty of power and the 12.9 iPad pro should be powerful enough as a mobile machine. Unless you need mac only applications while traveling I think that would shift things but it sounds like you would be fine there.

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