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Aug 22, 2018
iOS 12 finally brought grouped notifications back so that was nice.

- change default apps (maps for example)
- Messages hub (1 app for you to respond to all your messaging platforms: iMessage, text, fb messenger, whatsapp and whatever else is out there these days, rather than going into each app to respond to messages)
- dark mode option
- change the damn volume HUD :mad:

what else do you guys wanna see?


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Aug 31, 2015
Broomfield, CO
-default apps
-change WiFi/Bluetooth from control center(force touch, if they keep it)
-customizing home screen, put apps where you want, spaces or blank areas
-themes for spring board, via App Store. For developers to be creative.


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Feb 16, 2018
Control Center: Long press of Wifi, Bluetooth, Volume Control and Display Brightness control should take you to the appropriate screens in Settings. Especially for Wifi and Bluetooth where one either wants to toggle (quick taps of the icon) or connect to specific networks/devices.

Give option for 4-finger swipe gesture on iPads to invoke the task tray that Command-Tab does on keyboards to make jumping between various apps even faster.


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Apr 8, 2014
Hi guys i know it early but what are your guy's thoughts on Ios 13. Will we get a full redesign like we did with Ios 7. Also what is your guy's predictions on device compatibility. Please write back. I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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Jan 5, 2016
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sounds like there is a change to the UI planned. Hard to say what that would look like though. Perhaps we’ll finally see an update to the grid of icons that has been around since the beginning of iOS? Probably better optimization for X type devices.

As far as device support goes it will probably be A8 devices and newer (i.e. iPhone 5s and iPads Air, Mini 2 and Mini 3 dropped). Slight chance that they might drop the 6/6+ and iPod Touch 6 too (i.e. only support devices with 2 GB or ram or more) but I doubt it will go that far.


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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
I would love for Siri to get smarter when it comes to sports. I’d like to ask something like “how many career home runs does Manny Machado have at Yankee Stadium?” and get an answer.

Blue Hawk

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Dec 18, 2017
- Widgets on the home screen
- Setting default apps
- showing the battery in percent (X, XS, XR)
- 3D Touch in the control center like on Bluetooth should disable it completely
- Dark Mode!!!
- should be possible to hide the home bar
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Sep 7, 2015
Ability to change the system wide look of the OS/different themes. Dark mode would be one option
More customisable homepage.
Revamped notifications.
Improved Siri.(needs a complete rebuild IMO)
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Mar 12, 2015
Number 13??? i bet they are gonna avoid naming any of their products with that number. ITunes 13 should had been released this year i think.


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Oct 20, 2018
A proper dark mode. I know we can do Smart Invert from the Accessibility prefpane, but that still messes up some apps.
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Jul 6, 2017
Reposting my usual wishlist, cause the bulletpoints don't seem to be implemented yet:

- Service Workers / Push Notifications for Safari (I think this could happen soon)
- Allow us to specify background app refresh data on an per-app basis (afaik china has this? Allows you to specify whether an app is turned off, can use mobile or wifi data etc)
- Give us a way to lock various parts of the OS via biometric authentication: photo albums (hidden/deleted?), app launch approval, app folders and so on
- Animoji API so devs can release their own mascots as animoji (think Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse)
- Allow us to create smart playlists in the music app, this is currently only possible via iTunes
- Use the Workflow team/Shortcuts app to create iOS Profiles: toggle on/off parts of the system or automate stuff based on GPS location etc (e.g. silence non-work mails while at work).
- Voicemail for FaceTime
- Roll out services like Apple News (widget works here already) or Apple Pay in more countries. It only needs one outlet or bank to adopt it and the rest will follow suit.
- Apple Music handoff between iOS and macOS/Windows (iTunes)
- Allow us to re-order contact details (I sometimes get a new phone number but have to keep the old one, cut/paste galore instead of allowing me to move a new number up a few slots)
- Add multi-user support to the iPad (I want to use it as a household device)
- Multi-lingual query support (so I can ask Siri to play me non-german songs) -> they at least support that for music playback
- Really anything that allows Siri to be smarter, could even allow opt-in for less privacy-style feature sets if it means we get a smarter Siri
- Chained Siri Queries ("Play song XYZ on the homepod and set an alarm for 3pm")
- Dark mode API, allow devs to opt into it with the addition of an API that allows them to specify a dark theme for their apps (think auto-toggling on the dark theme in twitter via said API). Should, of course, bring dark themes for the stock apps.
- Automatically fade out the home bar on the X or at least give the option to hide it.
- Allow us to specify what info (and how) we see in the status bar. Pre-X devices have no issue there but the X(S/R) has less space to show status icons. Apple should offer an interface similar to the control center one where we can specify what info we want to see (some may want to have the GPS icon permanently hidden, some want battery percentage instead of an icon, some may not want to see the wifi or cellular icon but get a quick glance on whether AirPods are connected or an alarm is set).
- Add more live and dynamic wallpapers or release APIs so devs can create them and offer them via a wallpaper store (or their apps).
- Add the mobile data usage indicator on the X(S/R), it was in the leaked FWs but never made it to the official release (a sliding dot above the top right status bar). I'd like to know when background stuff uses my data (example: I somehow had the movie IT download without my approval, cost me 3GB+ of data).
- Venture away from fullscreen alerts. There is no reason a call should lock me out of using my phone, turn it into an overlay we can swipe away to mute.
- CallKit for video calls. Apps like WhatsApp resort to continuous push notifications to simulate a video call. There's no reason Apple can't just offer the FaceTime video call UI via CallKit to give devs a way of making video calls fancier.
- Allow X(S/R) users to change the 2 haptic buttons on the lock screen. Why is there swipe left to open the camera AND a camera button... ?
- Add RCS Support to the Messages app
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Jul 4, 2012
I'd like to see more ability to delete stuff- I'd like to be able to actually delete books (you can do more on MacOS). I finished a book I don't want to hide and just unload it.
Also with things like health data - you can delete all or each day at a time. I'd like to be able to delete all 2017 data and not 1 by 1.
There are also similar things I'd like to be able to delete.


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Aug 12, 2017
Dark mode is the most awaited feature. Smart Invert is not proper dark mode and it messes with manu 3rd party apps.
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