IPhone 7 Stuck In Recovery Mode No Way Out

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    Aug 6, 2017
    So about a week and a half ago my phone started to display "no service" and "searching" in the top left. It started off subtle, but after a day or two my phone was a brick without wifi. Even under settings it said my phone number was unknown and I had no carrier (I have verizon). It would randomly start working for an hour or so at a time, but very infrequently.
    After trying everything I saw online without fixing this issue, I tried plugging my phone into my laptop and updating my iOS, because it would display an error message when doing this on my phone. After attempting this my phone went into recovery mode and I can't do anything to get it out. I have tried updating and/or restoring it upwards of 40 times, and every time it gets about 60% of the way loaded on my phone then comes across an error (either 51 or unknown). I tried using a different computer and the same thing happened. I've looked up solutions for this and nothing has worked so far. I called apple and they told me to use a different computer, which didn't work. Also note that my itunes is updated and I am using a macbook.
    I currently can't go to an apple store since I am on vacation, so thats not an option at the time.
    If anyone has ANY solution to this please help me.
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