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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by Mac-Lion, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Ok so I posted this on the Apple support communities but nobody has been able to help, I normally come here before there anyway but with IOS 11 being so new I thought some of there experts would be all over issues.

    I have just set up my Iphone 6 I am using Icloud to sync contacts and calendars only but despite this all my Safari bookmarks and reading list have synced to my phone, how and why has it done this?

    Under Icloud in System Preferences on the Mac the Safari box is unchecked as is everything else except for Contacts, Calendar and Find my Iphone. According to the storage bar at the bottom I am still on 4.93GB available.

    On my Iphone under Settings>my name>Icloud the Safari option is selected as well as Icloud backup and a few others things, Icloud Drive is not selected and the storage bar says I am only using 73.1MB of my 5G. If I click Manage Storage>BackUp>my phone Safari does not appear in the list of "Choose Data To Back UP" even when the list is expanded. I sync the phone to Itunes with a cable not over WiFi

    When I was messing around quickly deleting bookmarks on the Iphone by swiping at one point I had to slow down because it said "bookmarks are syncing please wait a moment". Syncing where? Somewhere in Icloud? I told my Mac not to sync bookmarks.

    This is annoying me as I thought I had this all sorted, I don't want things being synced that I didn't select or thought I hadn't, can anyone help? I am running Mavericks on the Mac and the Latest IOS on the Iphone.

    Edit: since posting that I have come up with a stack of other things that don't seem to be issues on other IOS releases but are cropping u with this one,
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    Your Mac and iPhone settings for iCloud are not one in the same.

    If you have iCloud Safari toggle ON for your iPhone than its syncing Safari data to iCloud. Even if you only have 2 devices and the other has Safari iCloud turned off (even if you only have 1 device for that matter) with no where to actually sync too.

    If you don't want your iPhones Safari data to sync with iCloud you need to turn your iPhones iCloud Safari toggle off.

    Also if an app doesn't contain significant amounts of user data and/or the data is for feature syncing Apple won't count it against your iCloud storage so you wont find it under "Manage Storage". This is important because if your iCloud is completely filled and Safari needed to use data for tabs syncing it could bring your iPhone, iPad, and Mac workflow to a screeching halt by merely opening a new tab.
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    Right thanks I get what you mean however that does raise several questions if you will indulge me for a minute.

    1. So am I right in saying that what has happened is that as IOS Safari has requested sync and the bookmarks have been drawn from my Mac to my phone? A one way street if you will?

    2. Why has it only synced the bookmarks not synced the tabs I have open in Mac Safari?

    3. I have edited bookmarks on my Mac since this first happened, so why haven't the changes beed transferred and synced to my Iphone? It is the same with my reading list I have altered that but the changed has not been synced.

    4. Can I assume that the bookmarks from my Mac are in Icloud and that when my phone says it is syncing the bookmarks, as described above, it is altering what is stored in the cloud and that the reason these changes are not pushed to the Mac are because I have the Safari box in Icloud under System Preferences unchecked?

    5. Why did it not do this with Notes? I have notes on my Mac and the settings are the same between the two devices as they are for Safari, as well as a few other apps, but the issues has not occurred with anything else.
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    Oct 28, 2017
    Does anybody else have any input on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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