Latest ARKit Demos Include Sculpting, Food Ordering, Virtual Pets and Zombies

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    Apple's iOS 11 update is just weeks away, and as the launch date approaches, developers have been experimenting with ARKit, the set of augmented reality tools Apple built into the operating system.

    We already know ARKit will work with a huge range of apps, from games to utilities to shopping, and the latest demos below give us an even better picture of what our iPhones and iPads will be capable of once ARKit-based apps are available to the public.

    In the first video, a company named Kabaq demonstrates virtual food on a plate, which is how future food ordering apps might take advantage of ARKit. Using Apple's feature, restaurants will be able to give customers a 3D look at what different dishes look like.

    In a second video, ARKit is used for painting and sculpting, with developer Fabin Rasheed demoing a sculpture using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. His app, MakerStudio, is designed to allow users to create 3D objects and then paint them, all using augmented reality.

    A third video for an upcoming game called ARZombi shows off how ARKit might be used in an ultra realistic augmented reality game. In the demo, virtual zombies are shown invading a person's living room using ARKit.

    An ARKit world creation game was also shown off earlier this month, further demonstrating the kind of games that will be made possible with Apple's augmented reality tools. In the game, players control a tabletop world populated with villagers.

    Finally, an upcoming virtual pet game that's currently on Kickstarter gives us a peek at what could be a super popular ARKit app category -- Tamagotchi-style apps where a virtual pet is brought into the real world.

    We're nearing the end of the iOS 11 beta testing period. Apple is likely to release a golden master version of iOS 11 on the iPhone event day, which is rumored for September 12, followed by an official iOS 11 public release a few days ahead of when new iPhone models go on sale.

    When iOS 11 releases, we'll start seeing the first ARKit apps in the App Store. Before then, make sure to check out all of our previous ARKit coverage below to see what else developers can do with it:

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  2. AngerDanger, Aug 28, 2017
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    AngerDanger macrumors 68040


    Dec 9, 2008
    Now they just need an ARKit app that allows you to point your device at two Apple products and get a visual of the cords, adaptors, and dongles required to connect them. It could even list their cumulative price!

  3. Zirel, Aug 28, 2017
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    Zirel Suspended


    Jul 24, 2015
    In respect to AR, Apple came, Apple saw and Apple won.

    Where's Google, Microsoft and Facebook AR now? Where are the doubters that said that Apple was behind the race?
  4. Taipan macrumors 6502

    Jun 23, 2003
    I know it‘s only a demo, but what is the advantage of watching the food in AR? It doesn‘t offer anything over just watching a video, apart from being able to see it on YOUR table and plate (yay)?
    And the one in the standing restaurant is even worse, is there even any „R“ on the screen?
  5. nikicampos macrumors 6502a

    Jul 23, 2011
    So basically an IHOP menu with 3d pics for upscale restaurants and a Tamagotchi for 2017, what a time to be alive..

    Still nothing but a gimmick that only a few will take advantage of it.
  6. TreyCox macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2012
    Swainsboro, Ga
  7. BruceEBonus macrumors 65816


    Sep 23, 2007
    Derbyshire, England
    Like self driving cars, AI and AR. They'll all be awesome someday. For now. Let us revel in what could happen possibly even in the next generation of technological wondership.

    Or. Something.


  8. Attirex macrumors 6502

    Apr 8, 2015
    I was excited for AR right up until....3D food menus.
  9. hashholly macrumors 6502

    Oct 13, 2008
    Actually being able to interact with it, sure you can see food on a video in 3D but theres something a bit more personal when you can interact, see it on the plate in front of you, especially if its proportional.

    The one standing up to see seems less necessary, unless they also leave a plate their for proportion reasons.
  10. Zirel Suspended


    Jul 24, 2015
    What's the advantage of the cell phone? Practically in every place you go there is a phone booth!

    It's not even about the restaurant menu, it's the enabling technology.
  11. coolfactor macrumors 68040

    Jul 29, 2002
    Vancouver, BC CANADA
    The carriers missed the opportunity to turn every phone booth into a phone charging station.
  12. GeneralChang macrumors 65816

    Dec 2, 2013
    Okay, who else wants a port of Populous II that uses stuff like this? Just me? m'kay.
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    It might help you judge portion size better since you could like, stick your hand out to compare? Maybe?
  13. alexe, Aug 28, 2017
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    alexe macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2014
    Kabaq is honestly the typical Silicon Valley bullsh1t startup using technology just for the sake of using technology, without adding much actual value. This will CHANGE ordering in restaurants FOREVER! Truly revolutionary! Nothing will ever be the same!

    As with 90% of all tech startups, it's a solution to a non-existent problem. There are ideas that are actually useful and make our lives better, and then there are ideas like this one.
  14. brunosh macrumors regular


    May 14, 2014
    Wow, Apple did it, once again. The possibilities are endless! AR is the next big thing indeed!
  15. JPLC macrumors 6502

    Dec 20, 2011
    All of this looks great and amazing but I guess that I'm more interested in AR combined with an adapter for your iPhone. Two things I can think of are in the way: the iPhone needs a higher resolution display and the camera should be aligned and stereoscopic to make a realistic "see trough" experience.

    Call it crazy but I think that this would make a killer update for the iPhone. It would also mean a lot more possibilities for developers. Imagine how the world would look like trough your iPhone, literally.
  16. djcerla macrumors 68000


    Apr 23, 2015
    I've just installed a new Apple product (iMac 27") with a grand total of zero adapters, extra cables and dongles needed.
  17. NecroKill Suspended


    Aug 2, 2017
    This is bigger and more useful than VR too.
  18. WatchTheThrone macrumors regular


    Aug 2, 2011
    I'm sure they'll be a lot of pointless AR apps but think of the really good ones that will come too. I for one am excited for what the future holds.
  19. Chupa Chupa macrumors G5

    Chupa Chupa

    Jul 16, 2002
    Zombies? So Apple IS letting Android users access iOS. I kid, I kid.
  20. djcerla macrumors 68000


    Apr 23, 2015
    Nobody wants a huge visor. HTC is selling off the Vive division for scraps.

    AR devices must be as light as air.
  21. breather macrumors member


    Jan 26, 2011
    Image a worldbulider app, like minecraft, sim sity or something more realistic where I can build a world in my apartment that is saved between sessions, and is accessible by visitors to my apartment.

    Also, if that would be possible, think of what could be built outside in your hometown.
    Maybe collaborate with others and build a massive jungle downtown.

    A hidden world, everywhere.

    That would be pretty cool I think.
  22. MoreAwesomeDanU macrumors regular


    Dec 4, 2010
    Are you serious? I bet if a restaurant did an AB test, the AR menu would increase average spending per table exponentially. One of the biggest barrier to entries to a new restaurant is not knowing what to order. Thats why people look at food pictures on yelp all the time.

    Now imagine having the food displayed right in front of you in AR, along with reviews and people's comments.

    Now imagine doing that BEFORE you even decide on what restaurant to go to, all in the comfort of you home.

    This is game changing. Can't believe how people are calling this a gimmick
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    Ya... And instagram is basically a digital photo album; Google is a table of contents at a library; the smartphone a miniature laptop that fits in your pocket; and none of those things ever changed our lives...
  23. JosephAW macrumors 68000


    May 14, 2012
  24. Vanilla35 macrumors 68040


    Apr 11, 2013
    Washington D.C.
    Don't get me wrong, that dog is cute as hell, and it's kind of funny to watch/interact with (Pokemon GO also was big for this reason) - but am I the only one who thinks this is a relatively unnecessary form of interaction? Just seems like unless you're using it for a specific purpose (although a 3D menu wasn't exactly what I was thinking), that it's kind of annoying.
  25. Michaelgtrusa macrumors 604

    Oct 13, 2008

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