New MacBook Pros Don't Include Backlit Apple Logo or Power Extension Cable


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Feb 21, 2012
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Steve Jobs also did this-
"Apple's first notebook with a lit-up Apple logo was the third-generation PowerBook G3 released in 1999"

Haha, I had one of those, big heavy black plastic thing but we thought it was so cool back then. They must not have realized how goofy it would look with the upside down Apple when it was open. One thing I liked about that model was the dual slots, you could remove the CD drive and put a second battery in there. Weighed about as much as a concrete block, but it had the best run time of any Mac that way. :)


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May 29, 2005
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I know at this price point I shouldn't even care anymore for an additional $25, but they could've shown at least a little decency by adding a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box, at least so that you can connect your iPhone...
You don't have to get adapters from Apple, USB-C is not a proprietary standard, it is USB, done right.
No need to spend 25 bucks, you can get a 2-pack for 10.


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Jul 21, 2011
I love Apple...but no cable extension on their high end laptops? Laptops that are $400 more than the previous generation mind you. Come on Apple. Thats bogus, and forcing people to pay an extra $19 for the longer more useful cord is greedy. Especially after shelling out 2 grand or more.


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Sep 10, 2014
The other funny thing is: the new power adaptors don't come with any cables either. If you buy a new power brick (which is already more expensive than the magsafe ones and those obviously came with a charging cable) you'll have to buy a USB C cable for it too :)


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Oct 19, 2011
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I am actually pissed as ****!!!!!!! Glowing logo is a must! Can't plug in my 1150 euro iphone to it because guess what IT DOESN'T HAVE a freaking USB!?!?!? And what about the magsafe.. that thing has saved my macs for more times that I have ever imagined... @tim CROOOOCK! Time for you to get lost... someone needs to put sense in this company.. I've been using Macs for 19 years and the past 5 it has become a living nightmare... ****ing extensions... my laptop bag is one extension backpack.. for everything I need a god damn extension!??! I don't need a slimmer computer I need a power horse to do my job!
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Aug 30, 2003
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So the extension cord that was previously included is now $19 extra?

Apple's greed has no bounds.
It just comes across as being cheap. The customer pays big bucks for this and Apple cheaps out on a minor add on. That leaves a bad taste in a customer's mouth.

Really Apple?! Nickle and dime the customer? And you want an image as a premier company? You just lost it.