Simple Yet Professional & Slick Blu-ray Creation Software?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by DisMac, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Sep 24, 2008
    I've already asked something similar to this a while ago, but I thought I may try and rephrase my questions and what I am looking for. Anyway... I am planning to take on a personal Blu-ray project (that takes on as close to the look and feel of an actual, physical, Blu-ray release you'd pick-up from the store as possible) and I have a few questions...

    First, a little backstory. I have been an Mac user since 2008 and I have really only preferred editing and making DVD's with iMovie and sending it to iDVD to create the finishing touches such as title menus, scene selection, etc. I loved how iDVD was simple to use and would give somewhat of a professional touch to the menus with the ability to add music and pictures/video clips to the main menus, scene selection, sub-categories such as bonus material/deleted scenes, etc. Basically, I am looking for something almost exactly like this but current, more powerful, software and for not only the DVD format... but for Blu-ray disc, obviously!

    As far as I've seen, the closest thing to iDVD that I've researched (except primarily for Blu-ray creation) was the "Leawo Blu-ray Creator" software which has both a Mac and PC version. However, I hear there are drawbacks to it that would bother me such as not being able to make proper scene selections in my movie by just placing markers in the timeline like in iDVD, pixelation of photos that are placed into menus, not the greatest burn quality, etc. I just want to know what the most slick, PROFESSIONAL LOOKING Blu-ray creation software option would be. However, most importantly, I am looking for the operation of the software to be as EASY and SIMPLE as it was when I used iDVD to create my video projects. Should I buy a new Mac or PC for this kinda stuff? I enjoy using Mac and like I said, have used one since 2008... however, that would require me buying an external Blu-ray drive to burn and play the discs, whereas most PC's already come with one built in. Or so I've noticed, anyway...

    Anyone got anything? Thank you.
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    I believe Roxio Toast is one of the few options available, particularly for blu-ray; no experience whatsoever with it myself though and haven't bothered to look for the details. Would be curious to hear from those who have used it or at least had a serious look.


    Edit: looks like only the Pro version can author blu-ray discs
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    Sep 24, 2008
    I have no problem with paying for a "Pro" or "Full" version of any software so long as it yields an excellent product and meets my requirements. I'll have to look into Roxio Toast and see what that is all about. Thanks for the information.
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    Hate to say it but Encore CS6 is the only real option there is I'm afraid & it's far from easy to pick up, however once you know your way around & have made your own templates etc. it can be really quick......

    It takes me about 10-15 minutes to create a BluRay structure with a main feature (15 chapters ish), main menu, chapter select menu, extra scene menu (+several extra scenes with more chapters), pop-up menu - all menus have motion & transitions.

    But that being said, I too would love a simpler program that works like iDVD + there's always the whole Encore EOL situation & it may be only one OS update away from being permanently broken! I'll check out Leawo Blu-ray Creator
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    Dave Braine

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    You will also need an external BluRay burner as you can't burn them using a Mac's Superdrive(assuming your Mac has one).
    For putting Chapter Markers onto/into your video, I use Subler.
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    Sep 24, 2008
    How complicated would you say using Encore CS6 is? And are there any examples you could point me to of the work it is capable of producing? I don't mind learning, if it's not like rocket science and is indeed graspable... given time. Are there any helpful tutorials for making Blu-ray projects on Encore?
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    May 16, 2010
    Encore is not iDVD levels of user friendly. You can do anything with Encore that you were able to do with iDVD and more: create menus, set conditions on what happens when a particular clip is done playing back, attach multiple/alternate audio tracks to videos, add subtitles...

    It can't do everything that the bluray format supports, but can pretty much do anything you can do on a DVD but in HD on BluRay media in addition to SD on DVD. Put a professionally authored DVD in your player, pretty much anything you see there: motion menus, chapter menus, toggles for audio/subtitle options etc... Encore is capable of doing for both DVD and BluRay.
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    Nov 5, 2015
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    Would you say that Encore is equivalent to Apple's old DVD Studio Pro, in terms of authoring capabilities? I have used DVD Studio Pro extensively in the past; curious if Encore could be a good replacement if similar needs came up including bluray media.
  9. sevoneone macrumors 6502

    May 16, 2010
    Absolutely, that is exactly how I came to using it. Had a client that had to have an authored BluRay with custom menus. Much of the functionality is similar to DVD Studio Pro, but nowhere near as nice of a user experience, it's fussy about everything, but it gets the job done.

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