Some oddities after an iphone 6S iCloud Restore

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by slobizman, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Jun 16, 2008
    Yesterday, I went to the Genius Bar for battery testing of my iphone 6S (10.0.2). They did a reset on my phone and a restore from iCloud (fully and recently backed up). Once it was done with the base restoration process (about an hour), I left for home, plugged it in, connected to my wifi, and the restore resumed. Sort of.

    After a bit of time, my photos were there, but my app icons where mostly grayed out, and restore seemed "stuck." I researched this, and found lots of others had this problem, and went through some solutions. I had to reset Network Settings to get it going again. But then I had to individually press each grayed-out icon to get them to restore. That SLOWLY worked most of the the time, for some, I also went into the App Store to my Purchased apps and clicked on the little cloud icon with an arrow pointing down to restore some from there (as I saw not all of my pressing gray icons was working).

    When I went to bed last night it seemed done, my icons no long grayed out after hours and hours of clicking icons. But in Settings it still said that the Restore was in progress, giving me the option to cancel the Restore. I did not cancel it.

    When I awoke this morning, the restore was done. Whew.

    So, I've checked carefully my important apps and they are there and working. Importantly, all my Camera Roll photos seemed to be there. But there seem to be a few oddities:
    • I have a third party app that stores some photos outside of Camera Roll, and those photos were not there (not a big deal to me).
    • Some photo apps like the Hipstamatic photo app, didn't have the photos I took with it in their own folder.
    • I had to grant permissions for apps each time I first loaded them up (like to access the camera roll).
    • I had to re-login to any site requiring a password.

    What do you make of this?
    • Is it normal to have to re-grant permissions for every app that needs that?
    • Is it normal to have to re-login to sites? (I imagine it is)?

    But here's a question that has me somewhat concerned: If an icon was grayed out when the Restore was pretty much stuck, and instead of pressing the icon to try to get it to restore I instead went to Purchased Apps in the App Store and downloaded from there instead (clicking the little cloud icon), does it restore the app AND any local data I might have had associated with it?) or does it only download the app and I'm screwed on any local data? Or does it restore the app, and the iCloud whole restoration process should "fill in" any local data it might have?
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    Jun 16, 2008
    Well, I called Apple Support and they said:

    1. The stuck greyed out app icons are likely from the restore process being interrupted from when I left Apple (and it's wifi) to drive home (to my wifi). Before leaving Apple, I had gotten to the part where the core restore process was complete enough to allow me to use my phone, but it was still restoring apps and photos.

    I think that the Apple tech's should know about this potential problem and warn the customer to hang around the store for a longer period of time, of give instructions on how to do the restore from home.

    2. Since the greyed icons were barely restoring as I pressed them, I restored some of the apps from the App Store (clicking the cloud icon). Apparently, this does not restore any local data, just the app; hence some of the issues I have encountered.

    SO...I started the whole reset/erase/restore from iCloud process at home again about 45 minutes ago. We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed. I have hundreds of apps so it takes a while. I'm definitely not taking the phone out of my wifi range until all the apps are restored this time.

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