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Apr 12, 2001

Back in June, we pointed to a teaser site at hinting at a major music software title coming to the Mac for the first time. Our research and the general theme of a teaser video posted on the site suggested that Sony was behind the campaign and that the company's Sound Forge audio recording and editing tools were the product in question.

Since that initial video almost two months ago, additional videos have been posted periodically showing new hints of the software, with the clips further suggesting that Sound Forge is indeed the subject of the campaign. And now today, the fifth video in the campaign has been posted confirming that Sound Forge Pro will be coming to OS X.


No details on pricing or a release date have yet been made available, but Sony will undoubtedly be sharing more information in the coming weeks with four additional teaser videos still to come.

Article Link: Sony Confirms 'Sound Forge Pro' Coming to Mac


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Sep 29, 2008
Toronto, Canada
I wonder if it's going to be an independent release, or will it be thru the Mac App Store, given how much Apple has crippled the audio capabilities in Mountain Lion with all the sandboxing requirements and other crap...


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Jul 19, 2006
Denver, CO
Avid's downfall is leaving room for lower-priced DAWs which are full-featured. This gives me some hope, as I've been worried that Logic X (10?) might be as bad as FCP X. Competition is good.


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Jun 28, 2012
This is not a DAW so it doesn't compare to Logic. It's an audio editor.
What we need is a completely revamped Acid Pro for the mac and 64x pc.


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Jun 15, 2009
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Logic is a multi-track DAW, where Sound Forge is for more two-channel editing. I've been using Sound Forge since the Sonic Foundry days and have typically found it to be one of the best stereo track editors out there.

edit: clarification


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Jun 30, 2007
Fantastic news!! This will really fill a gap in sound editing on the Mac. Adobe Audition is alright, but not quite as useful.

And for the Logic questions, no...Logic is a multitrack, soup-to-nuts audio workstation. But as great as Logic is, it's not so great at editing sounds. Sound Forge specializes in shaping and warping sound waveforms, and chopping and dicing them very efficiently.


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Jul 15, 2008
Montreal, Canada
People actually use SoundForge when Logic and Pro Tools exist?

They're different beasts. Pro Tools and Logic are multitrack DAWs, while Sound Forge is primarily for editing already existing sound files. While DAW software always has editing features built in, they're never as robust as what's offered in a dedicated editing application.

Personally, I have a need for destructive editing quite frequently, and the demise of Soundtrack Pro (which I still use) and Peak (to which I was planning on switching.. grumble..) has left a pretty big gap in that market.

Hopefully the Sound Forge port will be a good one. I wish that they released more technical info about it, though, rather than a video that shows off what a waveform looks like. :/


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Sep 29, 2008
People actually use SoundForge when Logic and Pro Tools exist?

Yeah, I was going to say that Pro Tools is the better choice and is basically an industry standard for this type of audio work. Competition is great though as it gives options for users, spurs innovation, and puts downward pressure on prices.

Of course, Pro Tools might be a bit much for most people (it's also $300 more than Sound Forge) although there is an Express version of Pro Tools with some hardware purchases.

/Note: I've never used Pro Tools and the times I've tried Sound Forge and Vegas I liked them so this is good news for Mac users; it's just that there are probably better options if you are going to take the time to work with audio production/editing software but it all comes down to preference.
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May 29, 2012
I've been following Finally On The Mac since it's first video, and as it progressed (And showed more screen 'shots') it was clear to be Sony

I am excited! Potentially the best news I've had in regards to software since PT10 and HD|Native

I've used CD Architect for mastering and authoring for 9 years on Windows.
Once I'm done with my mixes within Pro Tools, it's off to CD Architect to master and author. Perfect.

On the Mac side, there are very few 'mastering' only pieces available:
WaveLab - Hate it
DSP Quattro - Not terrible, but hate it
Peak - Hate it, and now defunct

I've been waiting for CD Architect to hit Mac, and looks like it FINALLY might, if they have kept it alive as it's own program.

It's PERFECT for me, if it will support VST Plugs so I can use my Waves Plugs
(I suppose the AU end should work too.... drrrrrr)

I love the workflow in CDA.... perfect for mastering and authoring in the box all in one place. Perfect

I really hope they keep CDA alive, and offer an upgrade from my 5.2d build, since it's windows only, and I don't even have any Win machines around any more.... Would be very nice to run it natively on Mac...
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